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Alchemy is an important aspect of Dream of Mirror Online. It enables you to craft weapons and armor, with additional stats bonuses and consumable items. Crafting these items is cheaper than buying them from NPCs. As you create more items, your alchemy level will increase. A higher alchemy level allows you to craft higher level items, and increases your chance of success for creating lower ones. You must also raise your Apex of Alchemy to increase your alchemy level. Despite how high Apex of Alchemy can go, the current level cap of alchemy is 80*.

  • The alchemy cap was raised with the the Heaven patch.

In the early stage of the game, you can learn about alchemy from Worker No.1 in Eversun City.


Alchemy copia

A player crafting an item


See also: Recipe

In order to create an item, you have to learn its recipe.

Most recipes for armors and consumable items can be obtained from recipe pots that are located in different areas. Some armors recipes, such as the body and trousers parts, as well as shields must be bought from a Merchant NPC (Marshall), also found in these maps.

Low level weapons recipes can also be bought, but higher ones have to be obtained by pilfering from monsters. The Thief class can use two skills, Pilfer and Pillage, to steal them. Some weapons recipes can be obtained through quests, such as completing the tasks by the Eversun and Darkdale elders or life quests.

Every recipe that is learned is memorized by your character: a list can be found under "Alchemy" in your Everyday skills window (Ctrl + X).


See also: Material

Materials for alchemy can be obtained through several means. There are two types of materials: harvested materials and ingredients (dropped materials). The fastest, but most expensive way to obtain them, is to buy them from the NPCs or players. The slowest, but cheapest, is to harvest them and hunt monsters. You may obtain high-quality materials from either Dice Chests, bosses or by having them refined by a Master Refiner.

Alchemy process[]

  1. Press Ctrl + X to open your Skill Interface.
  2. Click on the "Everyday Skills" tab, then click on the "Alchemy" icon.
  3. Click on the kind of item you want to create.
  4. You must meet the alchemy level requirement and have all materials in your inventory. You can make multiples quantities of the same item. Click on "Start alchemy".
    • If you succeed, you will gain some experience for your alchemy skill. The higher (thus the harder) the item is, the more experience you will get.
    • If the alchemy failed, all materials used will be lost and a Frog will appear in your Inventory.
    • If you fail or succeed but have no inventory space left, nothing happens and you don't lose any materials.

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