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Mission given by: Worker No.1

Location: X:229 Y:161 in Eversun City

Mission briefing: Follow the guidance of Worker No. 1 and learn the processes of collection and alchemy to receive a reward of 3000 gold.


  1. Speak to Worker No.1 at X:229 Y:161 in Eversun City. Receive a Trial Collection Ticket.
  2. Go to the Eversun Shrine in the southeast part of Eversun City and speak to Jayson Marshall at X:252 Y:336. Exchange the ticket for Dabbler's Incense.
  3. Meditation Click the Meditation icon above your chatbox to start meditating and collect at least 20 Red Fragments.
  4. Return to Worker No.1 with the Red Fragments. Receive 500 experience points.
  5. Go to the Ironmonger in Eversun City and find Master Refiner Sid Hawk at X:229 Y:305. Choose "Refine" and move the Red Fragments into the empty slots. You will have 1 Red Powder for every 20 Red Fragments you refined.
  6. Return to Worker No.1 with the Red Powder. Receive 500 experience points and the ability to alchemize a Junior Vitamin Pill.
  7. Apex of Alchemy (Alt) Go to your Skill window (Ctrl + X) and under Everyday skills, select the Alchemy icon.
  8. Select "Tool type" or "Items" on the left side and then Junior Vitamin Pill. Click the Start alchemy button to create the pill.
    • If you fail, you will need to use another Red Powder. If you do not have one, return to the Meditation area and get another 20 Red Fragments.
  9. When you have successfully created a Junior Vitamin Pill, speak to Worker No.1.


1000 experience points.

See also[]

Worker No.1, for the second part of the mission.