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Anniversary Title NPC

Anniversary Title NPC Appearing at X:199 Y:199 Eversun City

Anniversary Title[]

The Anniversary Title NPC appears at X:199 Y:199 for certain periods of time.

NOTE: The NPC appearance can be changed by GM. So the image shown is just an example.

It offers a very useful DOMO Anniversary title giving HP +500, Def + 100, Atk +25, M.Atk +25. It costs 1 gold.

The above title is not tradeable.

On top of this, the Anniversary Title NPC also gives a Beginners Accessory for 1 gold. This takes up the accessory slot and offers:

  • Maximum MP: 250
  • Standing HP recovery: 100%
  • Standing MP recovery: 7

It requires level 10 to equip.