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Bag of Hats I Fortune Voucher


Type Lucky Chest
Category Tool
Description This item has no description.

Used for

Prize Pick one of the following permanent costumes:
  • Yellow Lady Hat Yellow Lady Hat
  • Man's White Hat Man's White Hat
  • Old-fashioned Hat Old-fashioned Hat
  • Lady Hat Lady Hat
  • Bunches(White) Bunches(White)
  • Bunches(Green) Bunches(Green)
  • Bunches(Hatsune) Bunches(Hatsune)
  • Baby Girl On Your Head Baby On Your Head
  • Watermelon Pattern Hat Watermelon Pattern Hat
  • Crown Crown
  • Aries Horn I Aries Horn I
  • Aries Horn II Aries Horn II
  • Old-fashioned Hairstyle Old-fashioned Hairstyle

Obtain from

Obtained from Bag of Hats I Fortune Box