Notes: Spawns after killing 6 Bandit Sergeants.
Monster Hard This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: Hearing the pathetic cries of the wussy Bandit Sergeants being whooped, the Bandit Master has decided to deal with the intruders himself
Bandit Master

Bandit Master

Level 64
Job Fencer
Element Wood Wood
Skill Scatter Array, Whirling Slash (both long distance AoEs)
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Dragon's Den
(X:475 Y:213)
Experience 648,000
Fame 959
Quests Unknown
HP 493,602
Physical Attack 541
Physical Defense 214
Accuracy 48
Evasion 48
Magic Attack 301
Magic Defense 120
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 5
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x4Unknown
1-Carat Red DiamondUnknown
1-Carat Yellow DiamondUnknown
Pearly SlippersUnknown
Blue Weapon Upgrade TicketUnknown
Orange Weapon Upgrade TicketUnknown
Dairy Pu Coupon x4Unknown
Monkey Onyx (50~60, Slot 2)Unknown
Sheep Onyx (50~60, Slot 2)Unknown
Horse Onyx (50~60, Slot 2)Unknown
Recipe: Crossbow
Recipe: Rattlesnake Rod
140 gold
Snowdrop Seed
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