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Area Boss This is an Area Boss.
Bandit Sergeant

Bandit Sergeant

Level 59
Job Blademaster
Element Wood Wood
Skill Snatch Mastery: Area of effect that removes a piece of equipment along with an attack.
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Dragon's Den
(X:460 Y:450)
(X:450 Y:230)
(X:495 Y:220)
Experience 389,400
Fame 530
Quests Unknown
HP 353,508
Physical Attack 619
Physical Defense 125
Accuracy 34
Evasion 44
Magic Attack 262
Magic Defense 102
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 4
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x2 Unknown
Royal Jelly Unknown
Buckler Unknown
Hard Rock Bracers Unknown
Onyx of Archery (Lvl 50~60) Unknown
Onyx of Mathematics (Lvl 50~60) Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv8 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Stirring Stick
Recipe: Pearl-Studded Abacus
135 gold
Royal Jelly