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Bandit Thug

Bandit Thug

Level 34
Job Martial Artist
Element Non-Elemental
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Grizzly Garrison
Experience 6000
Fame None
Quests Bucky the Thief, Feuding Brothers
HP 6871
Physical Attack 209
Physical Defense 66
Accuracy 26
Evasion 26
Magic Attack 118
Magic Defense 45
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 3
Drop Rate
Wolfskin 11.5%
Wine 10%
Iron Arrow x40 10%
Dragon Onyx (25-35, slot 2) 0,01 %
Lv6 Puppet Metal Spirits Scroll Recipe
Lv11 Scorched Earth's Curse Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Fight Gloves
40 gold
Iron Arrow x28

Note: Drop Rates based on 200 kills with moderate Luck.