The bank is a place to store items and gold. Each character can access their bank through different locations.


The bank can be accessed from the following locations:

To access your bank from any location, you must use a Vault Vortex or Deflection of second dimension.


When you first visit the bank, you are asked to choose a 6 digit number as your PIN. This PIN is also used to access the in-game item mall. You can change your PIN through Mrs. Marshall the Banker by clicking "Change password".

Try and choose something that is easy to remember. If you forget it, it can only be reset by contacting Suba.


Item vaultEdit

By default, each bank vault has 50 storage slots for items. This amount can be increased to 100 with the use of a Warehouse Lease.

Bank transfer To deposit an item, click the checkbox just under it. When depositing, you are assessed a handling fee of 1g per item slot. Items currently equipped by your character as well as items that say "Cannot deposit in bank" cannot be deposited in the bank.

Cash AccountEdit

To withdraw or deposit, click the Cash account tab in the upper right of the window. Type the amounts you wish to deposit and withdraw. The amounts in your deposit account and cash you have on hand are displayed.

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