Notes: Spawned after killing 6 White Bears.
Monster Hard This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: Hearing the dying moans of White bears, the Bear God has descended from above to punish those who sin against bearkind!
Bear God

Bear God

Level 74
Job Martial Artist
Element Non-Elemental
  • Brutal Roar
  • Bear God Palm
  • Bear Paw
  • Brutal Paw
  • Can teleport attackers near the guild castle.
Behavior Aggro
Capturable No
Location Mount Babel
(X:335 Y:510)
Experience 904500
Fame 1110
Quests Unknown
HP 810672
Physical Attack 830
Physical Defense 211
Accuracy 97
Evasion 58
Magic Attack 548
Magic Defense 191
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 10
Drop Rate
Lightning LapisUnknown
Savage BootsUnknown
Wild Pupu Coupon x2Unknown
1-Carat Red DiamondUnknown
Pearly SlippersUnknown
Onyx of Diligence (50~60, slot 2)Unknown
Dog Onyx (50~60, slot 2)Unknown
Pig Onyx (50~60, slot 2)Unknown
Rooster Onyx (50~60, slot 2)Unknown
Onyx of Perserverance (50~60, slot 2)Unknown
Recipe: Boathook
Recipe: Sage's Wand
160 gold
Lightning Lapis
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