Notes: Spawned after killing 6 White Bears.
Vengeance Boss This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: Hearing the dying moans of White bears, the Bear God has descended from above to punish those who sin against bearkind!

Bear God

Level 74
Job Martial Artist
Element Non-Elemental
  • Brutal Roar
  • Bear God Palm
  • Bear Paw
  • Brutal Paw
  • Can teleport attackers near the guild castle.
Behavior Aggro
Capturable No
Location Mount Babel
(X:335 Y:510)
Experience 904500
Fame 1110
Quests Unknown
HP 810672
Physical Attack 830
Physical Defense 211
Accuracy 97
Evasion 58
Magic Attack 548
Magic Defense 191
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 10
Drop Rate
Lightning Lapis Unknown
Savage Boots Unknown
Wild Pupu Coupon x2 Unknown
1-Carat Red Diamond Unknown
Pearly Slippers Unknown
Onyx of Diligence (50~60, slot 2) Unknown
Dog Onyx (50~60, slot 2) Unknown
Pig Onyx (50~60, slot 2) Unknown
Rooster Onyx (50~60, slot 2) Unknown
Onyx of Perserverance (50~60, slot 2) Unknown
Recipe: Boathook
Recipe: Sage's Wand
160 gold
Lightning Lapis
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