Beginner Equipper
Beginner Equipper

Race: Sprite
Gender: Male


Summoning Pool (X:55 Y:33)



Beginner Equipper is a Merchant NPC.

Stock list[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Beginner's Dagger 300
Beginner's Saber 600
Beginner's Staff 610
Beginner's Wand 400
Beginner's Sword 650
Beginner's Bow 300
Beginner's Ax 700
Tunic 100
Pants 100
Cloth Cap 100
Gloves 100
Slippers 100
Iron Arrow 1
Level 10 Monster-Trapping Mirror 5
Eversun Portal Penny 1200

The Flag Beside You?[edit | edit source]

Purchase the Greenhorn Flag for 5 gold or purchase it for 50 gold and receive the title Country Bumpkin.

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