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Beginners Guide to Dream of Mirror Online[]

Welcome to Dream Of Mirror Online (DOMO). If you have made it to this wiki, I assume you have already downloaded the game and perhaps even created a character. With many things to do and so many high level players it can be overwhelming when you first start playing. This wiki page will detail some ways that you can get ahead in DOMO when you begin and make your beginner journey a bit more comfortable.

If you have not and you are considering playing the game. Here is a small summary: DOMO is an anime inspired MMORPG. The game can be played through Steam or through the client downloaded from Subagames. You can select between 4 Races with the creation of your character. Unlike some other games, you won’t be stuck playing on one job. You can pick to play on 15 different Jobs.
So what are you waiting for, go download and join!

Now, if you already installed the game and created a character. You will start in the beginner village for your race. Once you have finished your Shura / Sylph / Human / Sprite Beginner Mission, you can leave the village and head to Eversun City.

Getting the Settings Right[]

The settings have many useful features:

  • Resolution - Many people prefer to set it to Windows-Fullscreen, the default size is a bit small and Steam players don't get to set game options before launch like those with the Suba Games download do.
    • What's best in some cases is to automatically hide the task bar, and if you're still losing a bit of the screen, change resolution from "Windows-full screen" to "Windows-1600x1200" and then back to "Windows-full screen". This is likely due to the old system that DOMO was built on.
  • WASD movement - Settings -> Control -> AWSD Movement.
  • Human Stalls - Settings -> Image -> Stall Shape -> Normal.
  • Social Skills 1-3 can help you hide people/information, which leads to faster processing.
  • Font Sizes - If you're struggling with font sizes, check if you have the MingLiU font installed. Go to Windows settings > fonts. If you are missing the MingLiU font, search for the font, download (from a reliable source) and install. You will need to rerun the patcher and open DOMO to see if this fixes your text problems.
    • If your screen is large, it is possible that your text will still be small. Go to steam > steamapps > common > DOMO_US > UserData? Pandora > Open which character you use > open UIconfig. Once opened ctrl+F then type fontsize (no space). You should see:
      FontSize= .. (set to 16-18, or play with it a bit)
      No need to change the sysSize. The Other 2 options can be changed. Test a bit to see what works for you.
      Keep in mind that this will not fully fill your chatbox. You can try to play with the fontsize (16 instead of 18) to see if you can find a middle ground. You will need to reload and relog into DOMO to see if this fixes your text problems.
    • Note: To get the UIConfig to detail font sizes, you need to close DOMO, the config is made after you close (not crash) your first session.
    • Note 2: JUST changing the font size will still cause issue if someone has an offensively long name, where you may be lucky to get 2-3 words per line. If this happens, you need the Mingliu font.
    • Note 3: The current Mingliu that comes with modern Operating System installs is not sufficient. DOMO uses an older version of MingLiu so you need just a plain "mingliu" font installed.
      Visual indicator of the download button needed

      Download button needed

    • Example: An example site for downloading is (use this site at your own risk, this is only given to ensure you see the version you need, be aware of ads that attempt to look like the correct download link).
    • Then extract the .ttf file given into C:\Windows\Fonts and it should install for you!
  • Control -> "You can use Hot Key to switch the channel"; shift causes you to speak in broadcast, so this can easily cause you to speak in the wrong channel on accident, recommend disabling this.
  • Slash Commands: Typing /help will give you a list of commands you can also use without going through the menu. These have a few commands that are equivalent to menu options and can be bound to hotkeys as well; (hold left click on text you have written and drag it to create one) A few useful ones:
    • /sit makes you sit down, you can do this from actions as well. Sitting restores more hp/mp
    • /roll rolls a dice, or a number of dice. (/roll 4 will roll 4 dice)
    • /realtime gives you the current time and date
    • /aswd 0/1 Sets WASD movement off/on; this is particularly useful to hotkey for when you get stuck on stairs.
    • /saveui This will save all of your current hotkeys. This is helpful if you are worried about crashing, which will cause your hotkeys to revert if you changed them
    • /cls will clear the chat. Very useful to when you need screenshots for events, but don't want to show your private conversations
  • Skillbars: To get more than one skillbar, you can press CTRL+G. This lets you get up to 4 skillbars.
    • If you change the size enough, you can enlarge the skillbars. You can also close them so you can have anywhere from 0-4 skillbars at a time.
    • If you right click the close button, you can remove the text for a skill, replacing it with just an image. This is just aesthetic.

Getting Started[]

Summoning Pool NPCs

You will first enter the Summoning Pool. King Colette will give you the option to start your Mirror Quest, you can skip that for now if you want. Mirror King's Assistant gives you the Almanac of Gods and Demons and some trapping mirrors, which you can also skip. Do talk to King Colette's Secretary to get an experience ring (2h duration, countdown starts upon receiving). Also talk to the Beginner Equipper and buy the flag to get your first title. After that walk up the stairs and enter Eversun City.

Welcome to the busiest city: Eversun City. In front of you you’ll see Eversun Guide, talk to him and start the ‘Eversun Guided Tour’ and the other quests he offers. The tour will bring you to some of the useful NPCs across Eversun City and give you some exp. At the dojo, talk to the Careers Advisor to get the Anniversary Gift Box. Do not delete/throw away this Gift Box. It has some very useful things including "DOMO Anniversary" and Beginners Accessory. Equip both to increase your survivability. Once you reach level 10 on your commoner job, you can do the qualifications for other jobs. See Job for more information about the job qualifications.



There are various ways to level your jobs. Leveling in a team can be the most fun and fastest, but soloing is not impossible. The fastest way is leveling in Spooky Bottom. If you are unable to handle the mobs and/or don't have a team, there are other places where you can level.

You can level Shaman to get the single attacks and AOE skills from Seasonal Magic and use those in combination with Wizard AOEs (and later Sorcerer AOEs) to level. Shaman attacks change the element of the mobs, so use the attacks in the order of the Element rotation to do the most damage with the Shaman AOEs. This means water > earth > wood > metal > fire > water (where > means followed by elemental aoe/attack skill).

Classic Way[]

For returning players the classic areas/way is familiar. You can level in a team or solo.


  • Level 10-35: Bigbeam - Giant Man-Eating Marigolds and Fiendish Florences. These mobs have high HP, but give great EXP. Especially good way to level if you have good single target skills (Shaman).
    • Kiting tips: You want to start running away while you're at least halfway done casting your skill, transformation scrolls/pills can make this easier by removing the animation for casting a skill so you can keep moving.
  • Level 10-45: Eversun Instance (red crystal left of dojo). It is less overall reliable due to how the instance closes after people finish it, the higher level mobs don't spawn until a certain number of lower ones have been killed, and the mobs hit hard for low level. However, the exp is only 1% and you get enough exp to make it worthwile if you kite them.
    If you are kiting, basically all you need is a wand and/or maybe a bow. Fire defense is good for the higher level foxes in the instance (Fire defense is also useful later), and they are the slowest and thus easiest to handle. These mobs are similar to the Bigbeam mobs in that they have high hp; if you have no gear, you do more damage to the Bigbeam mobs due to lower magic defense on Marigolds, but if you're making gear specifically for leveling, the foxes are all fencers and 35/50 are both metal type.
  • Level 40-50: Foggy Forest (do the quests in Blakatoa to unlock access to Foggy Forest if you haven't) - Iron Hedgehogs are great for leveling. Recommended equipment: DOMO Anniversary Title, Beginners Accessory, Light Armor (Modding not required). AOE skills are necessary.
  • Level 50+: Dragon's Den/Spooky Bottom; Specifically Flying Noisy Snake, it is important to note that these mobs while being water type deal non-elemental damage with their skills so magic defense is recommended over earth defense. If you do not have modded gear at this point, the best gear would be a mixed dancer's costume hat with the rest being robes.
  • Level 60+: Spooky Bottom or Northern Turtle Tower - You can slowly move your way from Tortoise to Northern Turtle Legionary and Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldiers. Any of the towers in Placid Plain can be used to level and it's a nice way to collect some A-grade gems.

Level-Based Unlocks[]

Don't be afraid to focus on one job when you begin so that you can unlock some rewards sooner. For example, learning to fly definitely makes it worth the grind.

  • Level 10: This is the lowest level you get (except for Commoner). When you reach Level 10 Commoner, you can get other jobs. All jobs acquired as a result will begin at Level 10 when you change over.
  • Level 15: This is the level where you can Learn How To Fly!
  • Level 20:
    • Each character can get a free permanent pet (metal) when they reach Level 20. This is done through the "Heir of the Farrels" pet quest.
    • Each class will have a life quest associated with it, completing it will give you 5 extra skill points. There are 3 for each class at 20, 30, and 40.
  • Level 30: At this level, each job should be able to unlock the ability to wield their specific weapon on another job. For example, at Level 30 Shaman, a player can unlock "Equip Wand". This also applies to Armor, which has some useful combinations (such as clothing/dancer's costume for attack speed)
  • Level 60: After reaching level 60, if your Alchemy is at least level 30 you can choose a discipline of High level alchemy
    • Weapons makes the weapons that upgrade into level 60 Suit equipment as well as Golden weapons
    • Armor makes the armor that upgrades into the level 70 Suit as well as items used for leveling modded equipment.
    • Tools makes a number of good consumables for the late game


Naturally you want to be safe while you level and thus require good equipment. With the Beginners Accessory and Anniversary Title you should be alright with simple equipment in the beginning.

There are 5 systems to keep in mind when it comes to gear:

Stat bonus: Each armor and weapon type has different native bonuses; these also align with the stats on talismans for weapons. The armor stat bonuses apply with 5 of the same armor type, mixing different armor levels doesn't matter for this.

Onyx: This is probably the easiest system to get into because onyxes come from many places. Seizer's Palace is great for basic ones such as magic accuracy and evasion for most lower level equipment. Onyx Buyer can be used to hunt for onyxes by purposefully lowering the insertion number to get something specific.

Weapon upgrade: Only applies to weapons, but when you upgrade it will up the level requirement by 5 and lose onyxes/stats because it's basically new gear.

Equipment modification: This is the most important one, like with Weapon upgrade you will have a higher level requirement after the first upgrade (but not after). Even without using a ton of gems to get something to have 20/20 stats, just having it upgraded will give you max blue stats, higher base stats, and with some pieces it will add stats not found before (such as magic attack on robe gloves); Most importantly, it will give higher max durability which makes it easier to maintain with Dreamstone Shards and repairs. Like with weapon upgrade, mod upgrading resets stats/onyxes each time you upgrade so it is recommended to gold stat/onyx after equipment is 'Legendary' or has 3 mod stats on it.

Suit Armor: This is more for the end game, There are currently 3 suits for each armor set (60, 65, and 70), and each suit armor has 3 weapons for each weapon (normal, true, ultimate). 60 suit is crafted using 50/55 armor that is mod upgraded to legendary; 65 likewise uses 60 armor; 70 uses the Legendary modded High level alchemy armor set. (This is normal crafting, thus you do not keep the mod stats or anything, if you craft it yourself the modded gear will be like an Excellent material and need to be selected to be used) The weapons are the 6th piece of the suit and change how powerful the last bonus is with the complete set. Be warned: if you need someone to help you make this set, mod upgrading does not reset tradability. You are only safe to use it after it's the suit gear.

Modded level 30 robes are a good (and relatively cheap) option to get early on. Most of the materials needed to create the set can be collected ingame. Beginner Armor Upgrade Box which contain Beginner Armor Upgrade Scrolls Green/Blue/Orange and Insurance Scroll (Upgrade) can be bought from Yinglong with Raid Tokens. Raid Tokens can be bought from other players. Raid Tokens themselves are not tradeable, but you pay for the item to get. To create a level 30 modded set, you will need to upgrade lvl 25 robes first. For 1 set you will need:

A video walkthrough for getting the upgraded set can be found here.
For modding the armor you will need Equipment Mod Scrolls Green/Blue/Orange, Blue Powder, Green Powder, Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Itching Powder, Niter, Cotton Cloth, Antler, Insurance Scroll (Mod) I,Insurance Scroll (Mod) II and D-grade(hat)+E-grade Amethyst, Citrine, Turquoise. It's easiest/cheapest to set up a mule to collect the Pig Oil, Blue/Green Powder, Copper/Iron Bar as you will need many (think 400+), excess mats can later be sold in stalls.
Keep in mind to never upgrade/mod equipment without insurance! More about modding and guides can be found here. Stat bonus from double golding your modded set and adding Onyx to your armor will boost your attack and defense. Double golding and slotting should be done after upgrading. NOTE: As you will need lots of E and D grade gems to mod and since turquoise E,D have a low droprate, it's best to have your best stat in uncommon and rare so modding won't be too expensive.

Weapon: a neutral ele upgraded wand with Monkey Onyx in slot 1 and slot 2 will do. Most just upgrade Short Wand. Adding Onyx of Mathematics (Earth onyx) will only boost earth elemental attacks.

NOTE: You can level all jobs using a combination of shaman, wizard (and later sorcerer) aoes, wand and robes and using the general shaman/wizard build for stats (wis, agi, some dex) and restat/reskill the jobs later if necessary. Not all jobs will require restat/reskill.

Stats + Onyx for level 30 robes[]

Stats (from upgrading) and onyx you want for your level 30 robes set:

RED = Reduction against mob groups. You want RED for the mobs for which you use the armor to level, e.g. wizard FNS, hunter NTL, BM Xtal

  • RED I: Reduction against LA/HA mobs - BM, Fencer, Merc
  • RED II: Reduction against Clothes mobs - MA, Thief, Hunter, Merchant
  • RED III: Reduction against Robes mobs: Shaman, Wizard, WD
  • RED IV: Reduction against DW/support classes: Doc, Muse, Dancer

Other Stuff To Get If You Want To Be Strong (Early On)[]

If you want to save up and buy things to make things easier on yourself, the recommendations are as follows:

  • Modded costume: modded costume is the most accessible and universal bonus you can get early game. It'll give you a boost to hp or mp that makes things a lot easier. See Equipment modification.
  • Wardrobe: wardrobe is a bit more of a long term goal; you won't be able to completely fill it any time soon, but the bonuses along the way are universal so it's always something helpful to put money towards.
  • High Level Pet: mainly for saddle buffs, which can help you get through leveling on some classes. Also flying. flying pets make menuing nice which is a huge QOL upgrade over the weapon flying menu.

Tips and Advice[]

Free things[]

Anniversary Title NPC

Anniversary Title NPC Gives DOMO Anniversary title and Beginners Accessory (model can be changed by GM)

  • When you begin, it is worth checking if the Anniversary Title NPC is active in Eversun City, you can get the title "DOMO Anniversary" and Beginners Accessory from them for 1 gold each. Don't forget to equip them! For the title: it must be in the Current Title box on your titles tab in the status (CTRL-A) window for it to be active!
    • The NPCs are more for if you're a returning player, if you are starting a new character, you can get them for free from the Anniversary Gift Box; which is obtained by talking to the Careers Advisor in the Dojo
    • To explain the title: basically it's a bonus title that was added to the suba version, the base game has defense titles at level 70 areas that give only 55 defense; this gives 100 defense, along with hp, matk, and atk bonuses. Mind that this is not helpful when facing off against magical enemies because it gives no magic defense.
  • Feeling a bit unlucky? Died 20+ times? Go check out Unlucky Chad in Darkdale! He can give you Death Titles and an action (orz).
  • Events - notably, the Hot Spring event - simply stand in the hot spring during the event, and get free EXP! But also events hosted by the GMs and Food Force are good to join. The rewards can help you on the way and there is a participation reward a lot of the time.

Useful Advice[]

  • Pay the Ferryman! A ferryman exists in all major cities to transport you between them for the cost of 1000 gold. This makes transport much easier on you and should be quicker to earn back than if you ran or flew there.
  • Eversun Portal Pennys, Darkdale Portal Pennys, Collington Portal Pennys are useful to have. You can use them when you Revival Point Portal Penny is on cooldown to tele back to a city.
  • Getting stuck - some of the maps have tiny blocks that stop you running up/down steps, to fix this just try to move left to right a bit, if it continues, click on the map, and if that fails, click an enemy or NPC to run towards them, just make sure you move to prevent actually attacking them!
  • You can create alternate accounts (or "mules") to collect goods/sell goods for you while you're away. This makes a lot of things easier and you can even team up with them to receive autoloot (you won't have to pick up all your loot yourself). They are also useful for storing stuff you won't need right away. Lack of inventory space will be an issue.
    !!Note Keep in mind that with the exception of general afk, playing with pets, trade between characters and completing teams for elder quests, all characters must be doing something else, i.e. not leveling together, not setting up 2 stalls, etc.
  • You can have 4 characters per an account. An arrow will appear after you've made the third
  • To get more inventory space, you can get items to expand up to 100 slots (5 easy slots being the easiest, you can also obtain free slots as a possible reward from the Eversun Elder and Darkdale Elder missions). Beyond that you can also obtain storage boxes, such as Big Magic Giftbox or Mysterious Stone Box: confusion dance will give you many of them. All storage boxes are linked, so you only need one to access everything inside all of them, the rest can be placed in expanded bank storage and accessed even after it expires. Furthermore you can buy a house from City Group Residences to gain access to the item vault (and later dimensional pocket which makes it accessible through your inventory window)
  • In the top right - there's a lot of information:
    • The Calendar - here you can join events that don't require you to speak to a specific person (i.e. Wrong Response).
    • The Billboard - to see how other players (and maybe yourself) are doing.
    • Full Map - give you a map of the place you currently are, you can click on this map and it will automatically run you to that location. You can also drag and hold your mouse to turn on auto run.
      Sub Skills

      A mercenary using Doctor and Fencer sub-skills

    • World Map - shows how maps connect.
    • Sign Settings - can change transparency of the map and what it shows.
    • Little Helper - walks you through everything that the developers have written guides for.
  • Secondary job skills (known as Sub-Skills), when you change your job, you can sub your skills from another job, for example, at level 30 Doctor, you can unlock "Equip Syringe" (under Medical Knowledge). If you change job and include Medical Knowledge under your secondary job skills - you can equip a syringe as any job! You can use this for "Medical Treatment" to benefit from the Doctors regeneration and first aid abilities while you do other things.
  • If all of your classes are below level 20, you are able to get a temporary team experience increasing ring and a temporary swimsuit from King Colette's Secretary once a day. It's not worth keeping classes under 20 for that though because higher level skills from other jobs make it much easier to level.
  • Learn about Alchemy. You can find Armor, Weapon and miscellaneous recipes in the Recipe and Pilfer Recipes pages.
  • Do NOT throw away the gems you get from killing mobs. Some gems are very useful for modding your armor or can even be sold for gold. You can store them on a mule for later use/selling. The most used are:
    • E-grade: Agate, Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise
    • D-grade: Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise
    • B-grade: Agate
    • A-grade: ALL
  • Do Daily Quests and Daily events when you can to collect the respective scrolls to unlock phase 5 at Trader Girl as early as possible. This will help on your journey later when you need Reincarnation Stones.
  • Do Tier 1 quests and other quests to Unlock level 61+ while you level/as soon as you can. The server experience boosts changes every week after maintenance, which means when the EXP is good, people will make level teams. You don't want to miss out.
  • Wardrobe: If you' re able to farm some gold and want to spend it, working on your Wardrobe is a great thing. The more items in your wardrobe, the better boost you get from it.
  • Title: Similar to wardrobe, the amount of Titles you have, also affect the boost you get from it. Working on titles is a nice way to farm and/or (albeit slower) level.

Common Abbreviations and Terms[]

Here are some common abbreviations and terms you will see in your chat screen. EC = Eversun City
AL/al = autoloot, automated picking up when in team (and settings are set to automated picking up) or using Vanity pets (small radius).
SB = Spooky Bottom
LS = Lightning Spirit Lair
TGT = Town-God Temple
DDen = Dragon's Den
AG = Aeria Games, former host of DOMO
FNS = Flying Noisy Snake
Xtal = crystal or Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldier
RT = Raid Token non-tradeable item from Raids
SMC = Special Mission Card

Foodies = Members of the Food Force. They host their own events and help out the GM during GM events.
GM = The game masters. Current ones are GM_SpaceCake and GM_TarroLatte. You will sometimes see them around. You can message them if you have any troubles with the game that you can’t fix (with or without help from the community)

Community Help[]

  • It is worth opening the Item Store ($ in the bottom right) and checking the message. There is usually information on how to join the Discord there - or you can search for Dream of Mirror Online in Discord.
    • In the Discord, there are many people happy to help, and it will be easy to find a guild and friends here. (Maintenance) news, updates, event(s) information and more can be found there. You will miss out if you don’t join.
  • Join a guild! Guilds are more than happy to take new players and even happier to show them the ropes. The community is super friendly so feel free to talk to people!

What's Next[]

So you've leveled a bit and understand the gameplay. What's next? DOMO has many things to do. You could work on Titles Join Raids, start with smalls and see how you fare. Work on your Endgame job(s). By now you know what jobs you like more. Start working towards one job. Get Suit Armor and Suit weapon(s) for your endgame job(s).