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Benny Marshall
Benny Marshall

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Academy of Mirrors (X:465 Y:64)
Blakatoa (X:165 Y:399)
Canute Canal (X:159 Y:39)
Canute Canal 2 (X:47 Y:242)
Dragon's Den (X:632 Y:531)
East Sea Plain (X:81 Y:512)
Farrell Family Crypt (X:294 Y:331)
(X:360 Y:94)
Foggy Forest (X:242 Y:430)
Giantwood Forest (X:83 Y:339)
Giantwood Manor (X:200 Y:265)
Grassgreen Square (X:276 Y:295)
Grizzly Garrison
Malachite Cavern (X:68 Y:36)
Neptune's Temple (X:150 Y:247)
(X:109 Y:269)
Pandora's Grotto (X:134 Y:139)
Phoenix Tower (X:389 Y:57)
Placid Plain (X:354 Y:400)
Quintuple Manor (X:175 Y:165)
Swan Lake Basin (X:331 Y:433)
(X:333 Y:216)
World of Pandora's Box
(X:235 Y:296)


Benny Marshall is a Merchant NPC.

Benny Marshall sells supplies, heals pets, exchanges coupons and repairs equipment


Item Price
Scroll 5
Frog 5
Iron Arrow 1
Bolt From the Blouse 5
Bag of Ash 5
Voodoo Poison Bug 5
Debugging Knife 50

Heal Pet[]

Heals your pet's HP and MP for a fee.