The Billboard is an object found in Darkdale, Collington, Bigbeam City and outside of Eversun City, and you can also access it through Fight Attendant in Arena. With it, one can view the top 100, in tabs of 20, for a few categories. The data is automatically updated.

The Billboard can also be viewed with Ctrl+K.

Locations[edit | edit source]

City X Y
Eversun North 415 726
Eversun South 410 57
Darkdale 298 252
Collington 297 312
Collington 304 312
Bigbeam City 71 155
Bigbeam City 193 170

Categories[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Fame billboard Players with most fame.
Money billboard Players with most money.
Online time billboard Players with most online time, in days, hours and minutes.
PVP list Players with the most player kills during duels.
PK list Players who kill other players on special Event maps, where clicking a player to fight without dueling is possible.
Death list Players with most deaths, all deaths are counted, even those that give no experience loss. Scapegoats lost are not counted.
Total number of monsters killed Players which killed more monsters, counts all kills ever done.
Weekly number of monsters killed Players which killed more monsters, during the given week.
Arena billboard Players with more Arena points (A, B, C, D and Heavenly Emperor's Sword Cup points summed up).
Guild Fame billboard Guilds with most guild fame points.
Guild War billboard Guilds with most guild war victories.
Malachite billboard Guilds with the fastest time taken to defeat Madam Malachite.
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