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NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Black Widow's Lair is located at (X:471 Y:268) in Farrell Family Crypt, through a red crystal.

Collecting 100 Black Widow Prints will unlock level 68 on one job (see Potential development).


  • Defeat Black Widow.


Name Job Level Element
Greedy Rat Guard Dancer 71 Metal Metal
Little Eye Shaman 72 Metal Metal
Sombre Zombie Musician 72 Metal Metal
Deadly Long Legs Commoner 73 Earth Earth
Itsy Bitsy Wizard 73 Earth Earth
Skeleton Soldier Fencer 73 Metal Metal
Octavius Martial Artist 74 Non-Elemental
Dark Zombie Mercenary 74 Metal Metal
Black Widow Boss 75 Non-Elemental


  • Each 20% HP lost, Black Widow will spawn Spider Monster Guards (Level 74 Blademaster, 20,000 HP), with each spawn being larger than the previous.
  • Due to the sheer amount of spiders Black Widow will summon, poison will be unavoidable without Detox. Mega Medicine might be necessary if there are no dedicated people to AoE them before fatalities occur.


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