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Blademaster Card
Armor Light Armor
Weapon Saber
Active set Active

Bestial Attacks (10)

Martyr Arts (10)
Passive set Passive Blademaster Skills (4)


Careers Advisor

A Swordsman mainly fights with pure brute-force. They have skills that can weaken enemies or strengthen themselves while still attacking. They can also sacrifice defense or HP for even more brutal attacks.


The Blademasters are used to fight with armor in the battles, so they can't move as quickly as the Fencers. However, the Blademasters emphasize on fencing skills that cause huge casualties, which cannot be done by the Fencers. In order to defeat enemies in the shortest time, the Blademasters are willing to sacrifice their lives. But they usually cause astonishing casualties and therefore often play the role as major attackers.


The qualification requires you to defeat the Blademaster Careers Advisor located at the Dojo in Eversun City (X:162 Y:177). She does have high attack power but a level 10 commoner can survive her hit. She has 572 HP and rarely uses Roaring Lion. If you leave the Dojo while fighting her, you fail the qualification.

Attributes and stats[]

Base attributes[]

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.

Attribute Base Bonus
Power 23
  • +3.0 Attack
  • Increases HP recovery
  • Increases block rate
  • +Non-linear HP
  • +0.3 Defense
  • +0.1 Magic defense
  • Increases MP recovery
  • +1.6 MP
  • +0.5 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic defense
  • Increases magic speed
  • Decreases cooling time
  • +1.0 Evasion
  • +0.3 Magic evasion
  • Increases critical-hit rate
  • +1.2 accuracy
  • +0.2 Magic attack
  • +0.2 Magic accuracy
  • +0.1 Critical attack
Durability 7
  • +1.0 Defense

The above values may be rounded up. Alternatively, you can view the stat bonus table that used to be on the DomoCamp wiki.

Base stats[]

  • HP: 357
  • MP: 44
  • Attack: 69
  • Defense: 9
  • Evasion: 7
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Magic Attack: 14
  • Magic Defense: 9
  • Magic Evasion: 1
  • Magic Accuracy: 2
  • Critical Attack: 1

Common builds[]

  • 3 Pow[1][2]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Dex to 28 then pure Pow[1][2][3]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Phy[2]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Dex to 28 then 2 Pow 1 Phy[1]
  • 2 Wis, 1 Pow (Fencer AoEs Sub)[4]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Dex to 25 then pure Pow (by _Rookie_)
  • 2 Pow, 1 Agi to 20 then pure Pow ( by _Rookie_)


Weapon Proficiency (%)
Abacus 60
Axe 80
Baton 0
Bow 60
Boxing Glove 70
Dagger 70
Fan 50
Musical Instrument 50
Saber 100
Spear 70
Staff 60
Sword 80
Syringe 50
Wand 50

A Blademaster is perfectly suited to using sabers, and relatively competent with swords and axes.

A Blademaster is competent using spears, daggers, and boxing gloves. Other weapons aren't really suitable for this job.


Active set Bestial Attacks[]

Attacks using the power of beasts.(must have saber equipped)

These attacks do damage along with a side effect that either afflicts the enemy to lower stats or boost your own combat capabilities.(2nd tier skills do not stack)

Growling Tiger Growling Tiger
Reduces a target's movement speed, accuracy and evasion. Duration is 1/2 against other players.
Roaring Lion Roaring Lion
An attack that can knock a target unconscious. Duration is 1/3 against other players.
Fierce Bark Fierce Bark
A saber technique that reduces attack speed. Duration is 1/2 against other players.
Howling Wolf Howling Wolf
Increases movement speed and reduces time between attacks for 30s after hitting a target.
Menacing Moo Menacing Moo
Has a chance of causing the target to lose HP every 5 seconds. Duration is 1/2 against other players.
Grizzling Bear Grizzling Bear
A rushing attack that inflicts heavy damage on the target.
Hair-Raising Hiss Hair-Raising Hiss
Has a chance of reducing the target's defense. Duration is 1/2 against other players.
Dragon's Call Dragon's Call
Advanced Snake Saber move, increase normal attack damage on hit by %, HIT by * and critical by * for 30 sec.
Eagle Shriek Eagle Shriek
Has a chance of reducing the enemy's attack. Duration is 1/2 against other players.
Phoenix Song Phoenix Song
Advanced Eagle Saber move, reduce normal damage received on hit by %, +*% HP recovery and +* HP every 5 sec for 30 sec.

Active set Martyr Arts[]

These skills sacrifice HP or defense for greater attack power.

When using Martyr Arts, a Swordsman will be damaged more easily. Hence Martyr Arts are of more use when in a team.

Maniac Attack Maniac Attack
A frenzied attack that expends weapon HP. Chance of weapon breaking.
Double-Edged Sword Double-Edged Sword
Hack wildly away at surrounding enemies, also causing damage to self. Reduces weapon durability by 20.
Berserker Blow Berserker Blow
An attack which consumes HP to increase damage.
Mindless Slaughter Mindless Slaughter
An attack that expends a lot of HP to increase physical damage.
Burning Rage Burning Rage
Increases ATK by * then ATK by 15% at a cost of * HP over time for * sec.
All-Out Assault All-Out Assault
Trade * HP if standing to increase ATK by 100 then a further % for * sec. ATK skill damage reduced by 75% while active.
Focus Focus
Trade * DEF to temporarily increase HIT by * then a further % for * sec.
Concentration Concentration
Increases magical accuracy.
Lash Out Lash Out
Trade % DEF and movement speed to increase A. SPD by * for * sec.
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack
Increases movement speed by 60 for 10s.

Passive set Blademaster Skills[]

Enable you to equip sabers and light armor whilst on different jobs and can increase normal attack damage by a percentage.

Equip Saber Equip Saber
The ability to equip sabers.
Equip Light Armor Equip Light Armor
The ability to equip light armor.
Saber Mastery Saber Mastery
Allows Sabers to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.
Tiger and Dragon Slaying Tiger and Dragon Slaying
Increase normal attack damage vs. enemy by %. 1/2 effect for non-Saberman occupations.

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