Blakatoa Peak

Map of Blakatoa Peak

The entrance to this area is at X:419 Y:146 in Foggy Forest. You must complete all of Ol' Colin's quests or progress far enough in the Mirror Quest to gain complete access.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 75 294
Jason 99 287
Philip Marshall 332 216
Scholarly Hermit 92 278


Name Job Level Element
Blazing Flame Scorpion Merchant 49 Fire Fire
Minotaur Musician 48 Earth Earth
Minotaur Minion Martial Artist 50 Earth Earth
Mundane Minotaur Martial Artist 50 Earth Earth
Red Scorpion Dancer 47 Fire Fire


Name Job Level Element
Maniacal Minotaur Martial Artist 54 Fire Fire
Steel Scorpion Merchant 58 Non-Elemental



Blakatoa Peak NPC 2Hard Rock Bracers
X:277 Y:127
NPC 2Hard Rock Helmet
X:95 Y:109
NPC 2Hard Rock Shoes
X:234 Y:323
MerchantPhilip Marshall
X:332 Y:216
NPC = Recipe Pot     NPC 2 = Cannot be accessed by flying     Merchant = Merchant NPC
Recipe X Y
Hard Rock Bracers 277 127
Hard Rock Helmet 95 109
Hard Rock Shoes 234 323

From Philip Marshall at (X:332 Y:216):

Item Price
Hard Rock Armor Recipe 35,200
Hard Rock Greaves Recipe 35,200
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