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Bucky the Thief
Bucky the Thief

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Grizzly Garrison (X:328 Y:170)

  • Teaching Bandit Thugs a Lesson Mission
  • Teaching Bandit Chefs a Lesson Mission
  • Defeating the Bandit Head Chef
  • Rescuing the Wholesaler

Bucky the Thief is a Quest NPC.

Punishing the Bandit Thugs[]

Obtain 30 Bandit Bandanas from Bandit Thugs.


Note: Must be level 27+ to receive experience

Punishing the Bandit Chef[]

Obtain 30 Bandit Chef's Cleavers from Bandit Chefs.


Note: Must be level 28+ to receive experience

Defeating the Bandit Head Chef[]

Defeat three Bandit Head Chefs in a plot event (you can use Pandora's Box Hanging). Your reward is access to the second floor of Grizzly Garrison.

Note: Must be level 38+ to receive experience

Rescuing the Wholesaler[]

Get Wholesaler out of the dungeon. The Wholesaler is located at X:551 Y:44 on the second floor of Grizzly Garrison. You must escort him from there to the portal to the first floor, defeating any enemies that may attack him.