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Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Collington (X:290 Y:337)

  • Bamboo Collection Mission
  • Bow-Wow Bum Extermination
  • Bird of Paradise Feather Collection Mission
  • Trial of Bravery

Buffon is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 22

Mission briefing: Buffon has lived an uneventful life in Collington for a long time. He has something he needs help with, and hopes that you will offer assistance.

Bamboo Collection Mission[]

Fine BambooGo to Giantwood Forest or Placid Plain and get 30 Fine Bamboos from Hulu Bamboo.


(NOTE: you will not receive the experience unless you are at least level 22)

Bow-Wow Bum Extermination[]

Head to Placid Plain and defeat 35 Bow-Wow Bum and 35 Bonkers Bow-Wow Bum.


(NOTE: you will not receive the experience unless you are at least level 22)

Bird of Paradise Feather Collection Mission[]

Phoenix FeatherHead over to Phoenix Tower in the northwestern part of Swan Lake Basin and get 30 Bird of Paradise Feathers from Male Bird of Paradise or Female Bird of Paradise.


Ladybug Wings Mission[]

Go to Giantwood Forest. Get 30 Ladybug Wings from Forest Ladybug.


Trial of Bravery[]

You must complete the other tasks to unlock this one.

Meet up with Buffon in Canute Canal (Eversun South) at X:160 Y:54.


This is a battle quest, which may be hard to solo at level 30. It is possible to do it in a team. You will be fighting against Buffon's pet, a level 30 SE3 Rock pet (Blademaster, non-elemental, 123084 HP). Be aware that he can summon clones (Blademaster, non-elemental, level 25, 4016 HP). Willy has two attack skills, Rampage and Phantom Pu Strike. After defeating Willy, return the Proof of Trial Completion to Buffon to receive your rewards.