Mission given by: Cake Master at X:421 Y:20 in Eversun South

Aeria: Dec. 22, 2008 - Jan. 14, 2009 (as Cake Expert)

GameTribe: Dec. 17, 2008 - Jan. 7, 2009 (as Cake Master)

Suba: Dec. 15, 2015 - Jan. 11, 2016

Nov. 29, 2016 - Dec. 28, 2016
Dec. 4, 2017 - Jan. 2, 2018
Dec. 3, 2018 - Jan. 7, 2019


  1. Talk to Cake Master at X:421 Y:20 in Eversun South.
  2. You can donate a predetermined amount of Flour and Whipped Cream (Cream on GameTribe) for Christmas Stockings. Stocking.gif
    • Flour is refined from the level 3 Farming item, Wheat.
    • Cream is obtained by killing random monsters around your level. Cream.gif
  3. As more players turn in Flour and Whipped Cream, the cake will become more decorated.


Cake Expert

  • 5 Flour and 5 Whipped Cream: 1 Christmas Stocking, and (your level × 100) experience points
  • 50 Flour and 50 Whipped Cream: 10 Christmas Stocking, and (your level × 1000) experience points
  • 100 Flour and 100 Whipped Cream: 20 Christmas Stocking, and (your level × 2000) experience points


Turn in your Christmas Stockings for more items to Santa Claus (Suba) (previously Eversun Santa in Aeria, and Santa Claus' Brother in GameTribe) at X:257 Y:260 in Eversun City, at the Player Community Lv 1. The items are tradable and do not count down when you receive them.

Exchange Suba/Aeria prize GameTribe prize
20 Christmas Stockings Yule Log.gifPiece of Yule Log (full HP/MP recovery) Yule Log.gifPiece of Christmas Cake (full HP/MP recovery)
50 Christmas Stockings Sledge.gif15-day tradable Sledge Black Santa hat.gif15-day Black Santa Hat
100 Christmas Stockings Rudolph Hat.gif15-day tradable Rudolph Hat Rudolph Hat.gif15-day Christmas Deer Hat
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