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Name Job Level Location
Demonic Lion Lord Witch Doctor 49 Giantwood Manor
Mystic Stone Lion Mercenary 55 Giantwood Manor
Chestbeater Dancer 21 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Chestbeater (Lair) Dancer 66 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Deadly Long Legs Commoner 73 Black Widow's Lair
Divine Florence King Doctor 65 Bigbeam
Evil Eye Dancer 36 Malachite Cavern
Fiendish Florence (Bigbeam) Merchant 32 Bigbeam
Fiendish Florence King Doctor 62 Bigbeam
Forest Ladybug Musician 28 Giantwood Forest
Giant Glob King (Lair) Dancer 70 Tricksy Turtle's Lair
Giant Hedgehog Fencer 20 Copperhorn Mountain & Placid Plain
Giantwood Rabbit Boss Martial Artist 47 Quintuple Manor
Ginseng Ghoul (Bigbeam) Witch Doctor 60 Bigbeam
Glob Commoner 9 Maze Below the Well
Glob Boss Fencer 35 Neptune's Temple
Glob Crook Fencer 35 Neptune's Temple
Glob Thief Fencer 35 Neptune's Temple
Golden Glob Commoner 11 Maze Below the Well
Grizzly Bear Martial Artist 67 Mount Babel
Han Border Merchant 72 Mount Babel
Hardcore Stone Mercenary 48 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Itsy Bitsy Wizard 18 Farrell Family Crypt
Itsy Bitsy (Lair) Wizard 73 Black Widow's Lair
King Glob Dancer 32 Neptune's Temple
King Glob (Lair) Dancer 69 Tricksy Turtle's Lair in Neptune's Temple
Lion Statue Mercenary 41 Quintuple Manor
Little Wild Bear Martial Artist 61 Mount Babel
Madam Malachite (Demon Tower) Boss 50/60/70 Demon Tower
Man-Eating Spider Dancer 17 Maze Below the Well
Menacing Minotaur Soldier Martial Artist 50 Town-God Temple
Minotaur Musician 48 Blakatoa Peak
Minotaur Minion Martial Artist 50 Blakatoa Peak
Mundane Minotaur Martial Artist 50 Blakatoa Peak
Mushroom Fiend Fencer 28 Bigbeam
Noddy Stone Mercenary 21 Placid Plain
Premier Pupu Martial Artist 25 Placid Plain
Pupu President Martial Artist 15 Eversun South
Red Fox Fencer 31 Grassgreen Square
Sand Viper Hunter 52 Dragon's Den
Sandstone Ladybug Fencer 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Sandstone Ladybug (Bigbeam) Merchant 29 Bigbeam
Shielded Snake Mercenary 53 Dragon's Den
Spider Wizard 18 Farrell Family Crypt
Spider Specter Martial Artist 41 Pandora's Grotto
Spooky Skull Commoner 42 East Sea Plain
Stubborn Stone Mercenary 32 Grassgreen Square
Treasure Chestbeater Merchant 32 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Treasure Chestbeater (Lair) Merchant 69 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair)
Wabbit Martial Artist 38 Grassgreen Square
White Bear (Boss) Martial Artist 70 Mount Babel
Wild Bear Martial Artist 64 Mount Babel
Wild Flying Pupu Commoner 12 Eversun South & Eversun North
Wild Pupu Commoner 8 Eversun South & Eversun North

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