Name Element Level Location
Baby Bow-Wow Boss Metal 13 Eversun North & Eversun South
Bandit Master Wood 64 Dragon's Den
Black Rabbit Knight Metal 63 Mount Babel
Blazing Snake Fire 50 Dragon's Den
Charred Wisewood Wood 43 Giantwood Manor
Chimera Turtle Water 34 Neptune's Temple (Darkdale Tunnel)
Crossbone Blademaster (Mirror Quest) Non-Elemental 15 Canute Canal
Cyan Feather Devil Bird Fire 80 Southern Vermilion Bird Tower
Dairy Pu Mama Non-Elemental 13 Swan Lake Basin
Demonic Sprite Non-Elemental 76 Academy of Mirrors
Divine Kuku Egg Non-Elemental 27 Giantwood Forest
Divine Male Bird of Paradise Water 62 Sneaky Peak
Dragon People Soldier Wood 76 Eastern Dragon Tower
Empty Chest Non-Elemental 38 Malachite Cavern
Foggy Fox Metal 43 East Sea Plain
Fox Cub Metal 26 Giantwood Forest
Funny Fox Cub Metal 26 Giantwood Forest
Giant Hedgehog Earth 20 Copperhorn Mountain & Placid Plain
Giant Rat's Big Brother Metal 20 Town Hall Basement
Giant Rat's Little Brother Metal 20 Town Hall Basement
Glob Boss Earth 35 Neptune's Temple
Glob Crook Earth 35 Neptune's Temple
Glob Thief Earth 35 Neptune's Temple
Greedy Chest Non-Elemental 38 Malachite Cavern
Hollow Skeleton Soldier Metal 54 Giantwood Manor
Iron Hedgehog Non-Elemental 46 Foggy Forest
King Lazy Bones Metal 20 Farrell Family Crypt
Lil' Pu Non-Elemental 15 Swan Lake Basin
Lil'-Lidded Lizard Fire 17 Copperhorn Mountain
Lonely Zombie Metal 15 Eversun North
Male Spirit Bird of Paradise Non-Elemental 45/50/60 Demon Tower
Male Stonefish Spirit Water 46 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Mama Lizard Fire 28 Copperhorn Mountain
Mama Pu Non-Elemental 18 Swan Lake Basin
Mushroom Fiend Earth 28 Bigbeam
Mutant Wisewood Wood 45 Giantwood Manor
Mystic Bonefish Water 62 Bigbeam
Nosy Zombie Metal 15 Eversun North
Papa Lizard Fire 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Papa Pu Non-Elemental 20 Swan Lake Basin
Red Fox Earth 31 Grassgreen Square
Sandstone Ladybug Earth 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Skeleton Soldier Metal 24 Farrell Family Crypt
Skeleton Soldier (Lair) Metal 73 Black Widow's Lair
War Wolf Fire 43 Pandora's Grotto
War Wolf (Boss) Fire 43 Blakatoa & Longstone Woods
Warrior Whipping Grass Wood 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Western Tiger Guard Metal 76 Western Tiger Tower
Wicked Wolf Fallen Soldier Earth 68 Sneaky Peak

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