Name Job Level Location
Alpha Female Wolf Wizard 66 Mount Babel
Alpha Male Wolf Blademaster 66 Mount Babel
Bandit Bow-Wow Thief 39 Pandora's Grotto
Bandit Bow-Wow (Blakatoa) Thief 39 Blakatoa
Big Bat Thief 19 Town Hall Basement
Big-Lidded Lizard Hunter 15 Copperhorn Mountain
Blazing Flame Scorpion Merchant 49 Blakatoa Peak
Blazing Ivy Spirit Wizard 40 Bigbeam
Blazing Snake Fencer 50 Dragon's Den
Butterfly Queen Wizard 47 Foggy Forest
Classic Eagle Shaman 73 Southern Vermilion Bird Tower
Crimson Eagle Witch Doctor 74 Southern Vermillion Bird Tower
Crimson Spirit Egg Commoner 77 Southern Vermillion Bird Tower
Cyan Feather Devil Bird Fencer 80 Southern Vermillion Bird Tower
Female Bird of Paradise Shaman 26 Phoenix Tower
Female Wolf Wizard 65 Mount Babel
Fiery Ladybug Dancer 31 Bigbeam
Fire Feather Devil Bird Hunter 79 Southern Vermillion Bird Tower
Foxy Fox Commoner 35 Giantwood Forest
Ghost of Ol' Phil Thief 18 Swan Lake Basin (Plot Event)
Giant Bird of Paradise Shaman 32 Phoenix Tower
Giant Caskmaster Martial Artist 30 Inn Basement
Giant Moth Dancer 4 Eversun North and Eversun South
Grape Glob Commoner 13 Town Hall Basement and Maze Below the Well
Hellish Ghost Head Musician 49 Town-God Temple
Junior Wizard Wizard 39 Quintuple Manor
King-Size Kuku King Mercenary 27 Phoenix Tower
King-Size Kuku Mama Musician 24 Phoenix Tower
Lazy-Eyed Lizard Hunter 37 Blakatoa
Lightning Saber Fox Thief 42 Giantwood Manor
Lil'-Lidded Lizard Fencer 17 Copperhorn Mountain
Lizard Leader Commoner 19 Copperhorn Mountain
Male Bird of Paradise Merchant 25 Phoenix Tower
Male Wolf Blademaster 65 Mount Babel
Mama Lizard Fencer 28 Copperhorn Mountain
Maniacal Minotaur Martial Artist 54 Blakatoa Peak
Mega Mystery Mouse Blademaster 48 Blakatoa
Mid-Wiz Shaman 42 Quintuple Manor
Mystery Mouse Merchant 38 Blakatoa
Mystery Mouse (World of Pandora's Box) Merchant 38 World of Pandora's Box
Papa Lizard Fencer 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Phoenix (Demon Tower) Boss 45/55/65 Demon Tower
Phoenix (Mirror Quest) Shaman 53 Blakatoa Peak (Plot Event)
Raging Rat Merchant 49 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Flame Eagle Blademaster 76 Southern Vermilion Bird Tower
Red Giantwood Bird Shaman 33 Giantwood Manor
Red Scorpion Dancer 47 Blakatoa Peak
Rune Eagle Martial Artist 70 Southern Vermilion Bird Tower
Screaming Lord Lizard Martial Artist 30 Copperhorn Mountain
Spectral Servant Blademaster 52 Quintuple Manor
War Wolf Fencer 43 Pandora's Grotto
War Wolf (Boss) Fencer 43 Blakatoa and Longstone Woods

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