Name Job Level Location
All Seeing Eye Blademaster 70 Darkdale
Baby Blue Butterfly Fairy Doctor 72 Sneaky Peak
Baby Butterfly Fairy Doctor 65 Sneaky Peak
Bandit Chef Hunter 35 Grizzly Garrison
Bandit Head Chef Merchant 45 Grizzly Garrison
Bandit Thug Martial Artist 34 Grizzly Garrison
Bear God Martial Artist 74 Mount Babel
Berserk Sprite Blademaster 74 Academy of Mirrors
Black Rabbit Pawn Commoner 60 Mount Babel
Blighted Blue Butterfly Doctor 22 Grassgreen Square
Bonkers Bow-Wow Bum Merchant 26 Placid Plain
Boss Sprite Mercenary 80 Academy of Mirrors
Bow-Wow Bum Commoner 23 Placid Plain
Bow-Wow Bum Boss Merchant 31 Placid Plain
Butterfly Fairy GiGi Doctor 50/60/70 Demon Tower
Butterfly Fairy NuNu Doctor 50/60/70 Demon Tower
Caskmaster Martial Artist 20 Inn Basement
Cast Iron Hedgehog Mercenary 49 Foggy Forest
Condemned Felony Fugitive Spirit Blademaster 45/55/65 Demon Tower
Condemned Fugitive Spirit Martial Artist 44/54/64 Demon Tower
Contaminated Sprite Martial Artist 70 Academy of Mirrors
Croaky Shaman 24 Blakatoa
Crossbone Blademaster (Clone) Boss 70 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Crossbone Blademaster (Lair) Fencer/Boss 70 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Crossbone Blademaster (Mirror Quest) Fencer 15 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Cruel Kid Musician 40 Emperor Gang Hideout
Dairy Pu Dada Hunter 15 Swan Lake Basin
Dairy Pu Mama Fencer 13 Swan Lake Basin
Deadly Daisy Doctor 25 Grassgreen Square
Delicate Box Commoner 35 Malachite Cavern, World of Pandora's Box
Demon Tower Stone Lion Hunter 45/55/65 Demon Tower
Demonic Sprite Fencer 76 Academy of Mirrors
Devil Snake Guard Mercenary 43/53/63 Demon Tower
Divine Female Kuku Commoner 35 Grassgreen Square
Divine Kuku Egg Doctor 27 Giantwood Forest
Divine Kuku Egg Hero Mercenary 32 Giantwood Forest
Divine Male Kuku Commoner 29 Grassgreen Square
Empty Chest Fencer 38 Malachite Cavern
Enchanted Pumpkin Commoner 1 Any area, only during Halloween patch
Evil Eye (Boss) Mercenary 36 Placid Plain
Female Spirit Bird of Paradise Thief 41/51/61 Demon Tower
Female Stonefish Spirit Dancer 47 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Fiendish Florence (Swan Lake Basin) Doctor 25 Swan Lake Basin
Fiery-Eyed Jimmy (Demon Tower) Boss 48/58/68 Demon Tower
Fiery-Eyed Jimmy (Lair) Blademaster 74 Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair
Fiery-Eyed Jimmy (Mirror Quest) Blademaster 30 Grizzly Garrison
Final Felony Fugitive Blademaster 52 Pandora's Grotto
Fire Mine Commoner 75 Academy of Mirrors
Fleeing Fugitive Dancer 50 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Flower Spirit Dancer ?/?/? Demon Tower
Flying Pupu Commoner 5 Eversun North, Eversun South
Flying Pupu Pugilist Commoner 8 Eversun North, Eversun South
Foul Beggar Commoner 24 Placid Plain
Fugitive Commoner 42 Canute Canal (Blakatoa), Pandora's Grotto
Ghost of Ol' Carl Commoner 20 Copperhorn Mountain
Ghost of Ol' James Commoner 20 Eversun South
Ghost of Ol' Jim Commoner 20 Eversun North
Ghost of Ol' Mick Commoner 20 Farrell Family Crypt
Giant Butterfly Dancer 23 Copperhorn Mountain
Giant Rat Boss Merchant 24 Town Hall Basement
Ginseng Ghoul Doctor 36 World of Pandora's Box
Greedy Chest Fencer 38 Malachite Cavern
Grenadier Sprite Merchant 78 Academy of Mirrors
Hedgehog Dancer 6 Eversun North, Eversun South
Heinous Ghost Head Dancer 47 Town-God Temple
Heretic Demon Caller Blademaster 55/65/75 Demon Tower
Huge Louse Commoner 48/58/68 Demon Tower
Immortal Ginseng Merchant 42 World of Pandora's Box
Iron Hedgehog Fencer 46 Foggy Forest
Jumboa Blademaster 51 Dragon's Den
Kind Kid Wizard 40 Emperor Gang Hideout
King-Size Kuku Egg Commoner 22 Phoenix Tower
King-Size Kuku Papa Hunter 23 Phoenix Tower
Lil' Dairy Pu Commoner 10 Swan Lake Basin
Lil' Pu Fencer 15 Swan Lake Basin
Little Noisy Snake Commoner 53 Dragon's Den
Lulu Musician 25 Eversun City
Madam Malachite Boss 70 Darkdale
Magic Turtle Guard Mercenary 42/52/62 Demon Tower
Male Spirit Bird of Paradise Fencer 40/50/60 Demon Tower
Mama Pu Fencer 18 Swan Lake Basin
Mini Moth Fairy Shaman 50 East Sea Plain
Mini Moth Fairy (World of Pandora's Box) Shaman 50 World of Pandora's Box
Mirror Sprite Thief 85 Academy of Mirrors
Mortar Trap Hunter 75 Academy of Mirrors
New Year Monster Mercenary 60 Grassgreen Square
Octavius (Lair) Martial Artist 74 Black Widow's Lair
One-Eyed Warrior Blademaster 65 Darkdale
Papa Pu Fencer 20 Swan Lake Basin
Pearly Frog Captain Blademaster 69 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Pearly Frog Guard Martial Artist 68 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Phantasm of Desire Commoner 20 Farrell Family Crypt
Phantasm of Greed Commoner 20 Farrell Family Crypt
Phantom Ivy Spirit Blademaster 55/65/75 Demon Tower
Pink Mini Moth Fairy Musician 60 Sneaky Peak
Pupu Commoner 2 Eversun North, Eversun South
Pure White Pupu Commoner 10 Swan Lake Basin
Red Rabbit Soldier Commoner 60 Mount Babel
Seal Sky Snake Dancer 45/55/65 Demon Tower
Seal Tortoise Mercenary 45/55/65 Demon Tower
Septic Snake Witch Doctor 49 Dragon's Den
Shadow Assassin Mercenary 24 Placid Plain
Steel Scorpion Merchant 58 Blakatoa Peak
Super Septic Snake Witch Doctor 55 Dragon's Den
Super Sword Skeleton Blademaster 47 East Sea Plain
Tadpole Tyrant Shaman 22 Blakatoa
Tigerman (Lair) Boss 70 Tigerman's Lair
Tigerman (Mirror Quest) Martial Artist 15 Town Hall Basement
Tigerman Guard Merchant 69 Tigerman's Lair
Tigerman Sentry Blademaster 68 Tigerman's Lair
Tigerman Trooper Commoner 67 Tigerman's Lair
Toxic Tiger Moth Dancer 18 Placid Plain
Toxic Tiger Moth (Copperhorn Mountain) Dancer 18 Copperhorn Mountain
Toxic Trunk Witch Doctor 19 Inn Basement
Vampire Bat Dancer/Blademaster 47/57/67 Demon Tower
Weird Bandit Hunter 35 Grizzly Garrison
Weird Caskmaster Martial Artist 20 Inn Basement
Weird Fugitive Commoner 42 Pandora's Grotto
Whetstone Lion Commoner 10-100 Arena
Wild Sprite Shaman 72 Academy of Mirrors
Wolf Cub Commoner 64 Mount Babel

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