Name Element Level Location
Amphibious Bullcarp Water 52 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Bandit Wood 52 Dragon's Den
Bandit Assassin Wood 54 Dragon's Den
Bandit Bow-Wow Fire 39 Pandora's Grotto
Bandit Bow-Wow (Blakatoa) Fire 39 Blakatoa
Big Bat Fire 19 Town Hall Basement
Black Divine Monkey Warrior Water 65 Sneaky Peak
Black Rabbit Wagon Metal 62 Mount Babel
Bow-Wow Thug Metal 35 Bigbeam
Crimson Glob Water 29 Neptune's Temple
Crimson Glob (Lair) Water 65 Tricksy Turtle's Lair
Dark Shadow Wolf Wood 73 Mount Babel
Demonic White Tiger Guard Metal 78 Western Tiger Tower
Female Spirit Bird of Paradise Non-Elemental 41/51/61 Demon Tower
Forest Kuku King Wood 15 Eversun South
Ghost of Ol' Phil Fire 18 Swan Lake Basin
Lightning Saber Fox Fire 42 Giantwood Manor
Mirror Sprite Non-Elemental 85 Mirror Sprite Instance
Moth King Water 37 World of Pandora's Box
Torturous Hellkeeper Metal 53 Town-God Temple
Undead Corpse Metal 27 Swan Lake Basin
Wicked Wolf Tracker Earth 69 Sneaky Peak
Windy Wolf Wood 66 Sneaky Peak

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