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Name Job Level Location
Ensorceled Banshee Musician 56 Giantwood Manor
Amphibious Bullcarp Thief 52 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Aqua Ivy Spirit Wizard 39 Bigbeam
Batling Commoner 10 Maze Below the Well
Bewitched Ghost Wizard 58 Giantwood Manor
Blue Giantwood Bird Dancer 30 Giantwood Manor
Blue Water Snake Shaman 51 Dragon's Den
Bonefish Commoner 60 Bigbeam
Bullcarp Hunter 56 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Chimera Turtle Fencer 34 Neptune's Temple (Darkdale Tunnel)
Chu River Doctor 72 Mount Babel
Copper Croaker Martial Artist 22 Maze Below the Well
Crimson Glob Thief 29 Neptune's Temple
Crimson Glob (Lair) Thief 65 Tricksy Turtle's Lair in Neptune's Temple
Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldier Blademaster 76 Northern Turtle Tower
Dark Noisy Snake Musician 54 Dragon's Den
Demonic Northern Turtle Soldier Wizard 80 Northern Turtle Tower
Demonic Tortoise Dancer 74 Northern Turtle Tower
Divine Female Bird of Paradise Wizard 64 Sneay Peak
Divine Kuku King Witch Doctor 40 Grassgreen Square
Divine Male Bird of Paradise Fencer 62 Sneaky Peak
Divine Water Beast Wizard 45 Emperor Gang Hideout
Fairy Queen of Moths Musician 39 East Sea Plain
Fairy Queen of Moths (World of Pandora's Box) Musician 39 World of Pandora's Box
Female Stonefish Shaman 45 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Female Vampire Bat Shaman 22 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Female Vampire Bat (Lair) Shaman 66 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Flying Frog King Commoner 20 Swan Lake Basin (plot event)
Flying Noisy Snake Wizard 55 Dragon's Den
Forest Kuku Mama Commoner 11 Eversun South & Eversun North
Forest Kuku Mama (family) Commoner 11 Eversun South
Forest Kuku Papa Commoner 9 Eversun South & Eversun North
Forest Kuku Papa (family) Commoner 9 Eversun South
Frost Ladybug Musician 30 Bigbeam
Giant Flying Noisy Snake Musician 60 Dragon's Den
Giant Turtle Mercenary 30 Neptune's Temple
Giant Turtle King Mercenary 40 Neptune's Temple
Hard Shell Tortoise Mercenary 72 Northern Turtle Tower
Ice Zombie Shaman 33 Neptune's Temple
Ice Zombie (Lair) Shaman 67 Tricksy Turtle's Lair in Neptune's Temple
Immortal Wisewood Crone Witch Doctor 62 Giantwood Manor
King Noisy Snake Musician 65 Dragon's Den
Male Stonefish Mercenary 44 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Male Stonefish Spirit Fencer 46 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Male Vampire Bat Witch Doctor 19 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Male Vampire Bat Witch Doctor 66 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Moth King Thief 37 World of Pandora's Box
Mystic Bonefish Fencer 62 Bigbeam
Noisy Snake Shaman 54 Dragon's Den
Northern Turtle Legionary Hunter 74 Northern Turtle Tower
Northern Turtle Magician Shaman 78 Northern Turtle Tower
Noxious Nymphalidae Witch Doctor 33 Grassgreen Square
Pearly Frog Musician 20 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Pearly Frog (Boss) Commoner 20 Swan Lake Basin
Pearly Frog (Lair) Musician 67 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Pearly Frog King Commoner 27 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
Pearly Tadpole Shaman 12 Maze Below the Well
Pearly Tadpole (Lair) Shaman 67 Crossbone Blademaster's Lair
Rainbow Trout Musician 43 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Sapphire Goldfish King Musician 53 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Senior Spookizen Blademaster 48 Longstone Woods
Strange Doyen Ghost Shaman 45 Canute Canal (Blakatoa)
Tortoise Commoner 70 Northern Turtle Tower
Tricksy Turtle (Lair) Boss 75 Tricksy Turtle's Lair
Tricksy Turtle (Mirror Quest) Mercenary 33/35 Neptune's Temple
Weird Pearly Frog Musician 20 Canute Canal (Eversun South)
White Bear Martial Artist 67 Sneaky Peak

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