Name Job Level Location
Audrey Offspring Blademaster 36 Grassgreen Square & Blakatoa
Banana Monkey Hunter 29 Giantwood Forest
Bandit Thief 52 Dragon's Den
Bandit Assassin Thief 54 Dragon's Den
Bandit Bouncer Martial Artist 53 Dragon's Den
Bandit Chief Merchant 55 Dragon's Den
Bandit Master Fencer 64 Dragon's Den
Bandit Sergeant Blademaster 59 Dragon's Den
Barmy Banana Monkey Merchant 35 Giantwood Forest
Branch Monkey Commoner 45 Foggy Forest
Dark Shadow Wolf Thief 73 Mount Babel
Demonic Daisy Blademaster 45 Grassgreen Square
Demonic Serpent Dragon Doctor 73 Eastern Dragon Tower
Demonic Squirrel Shaman 27 Bigbeam
Divine Wood Beast Wizard 43 Emperor Gang Hideout
Dragon People Instructor Martial Artist 78 Eastern Dragon Tower
Dragon People Master Mercenary 80 Eastern Dragon Tower
Dragon People Soldier Fencer 76 Eastern Dragon Tower
Emperor Butterfly Commoner 44 East Sea Plain
Charred Wisewood Fencer 43 Giantwood Manor
Forest Kuku Egg Commoner 1 Eversun South & Eversun North
Forest Kuku Egg (family) Commoner 1 Eversun South
Forest Kuku King Thief 15 Eversun South
Foxfire Blademaster Blademaster 39 Giantwood Manor
Foxfire Fighter Mercenary 36 Giantwood Manor
Frost Serpent Dragon Wizard 72 Eastern Dragon Tower
Ghost Head Wizard 46 Town-God Temple
Giant Man-Eating Marigold Blademaster 24 Bigbeam
Green Snake Commoner 48 Dragon's Den
Haha Bamboo Commoner 29 Placid Plain
Herb Snake Doctor 50 Dragon's Den
Hulu Bamboo Commoner 24 Placid Plain
Ivy Spirit Doctor 34 Grassgreen Square
Ivy Spirit (World of Pandora's Box) Doctor 34 World of Pandora's Box
Kuku Guard Hunter 13 Eversun South
Little Shadow Wolf Hunter 69 Mount Babel
Man-Eating Marigold Blademaster 22 Placid Plain
Massive Man-Eating Marigold Blademaster 34 Bigbeam
Mutant Wisewood Fencer 45 Giantwood Manor
Oak Hole Kuku Commoner 12 Eversun North
Orange Whipping Grass Blademaster 14 Blakatoa, Copperhorn Mountain & Swan Lake Basin
Pink Pitcher Plant Blademaster 11 Swan Lake Basin
Poison Serpent Dragon Shaman 74 Eastern Dragon Tower
Possessed Runt Merchant 52 Giantwood Manor
Purple Whipping Grass Blademaster 16 Copperhorn Mountain
Rabid Squirrel Hunter 26 Bigbeam
Serpent Dragon Blademaster 70 Eastern Dragon Tower
Squirrel Commoner 25 Bigbeam
Supergrass Hunter 25 Swan Lake Basin
Toasted Wisewood Hunter 45 East Sea Plain
Toasted Wisewood (Boss) Hunter 45 World of Pandora's Box
Tree Hole Kuku Commoner 12 Eversun North
Warrior Whipping Grass Fencer 25 Copperhorn Mountain
Weird Withered Wisewood Blademaster 30 Giantwood Forest
White Monkey Hunter 48 Foggy Forest
Wicked Wisewood Blademaster 40 World of Pandora's Box
Wicked Wisewood (Boss) Commoner 40 Giantwood Forest
Wild Monkey Leader Blademaster 57 Foggy Forest
Windy Wolf Thief 66 Sneaky Peak
Wise Monkey Hunter 63 Sneaky Peak
Wise White Monkey Hunter 68 Sneaky Peak
Withered Wisewood Blademaster 30 Giantwood Forest

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