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Chant of Liberation
Description A chant with various effects
  • Level one's effect has a hidden buff that leaves the target immune to most disables for a few seconds.
  • Level one cannot be used to free yourself if you are unable to cast skills.
  • Level one doesn't work on Icy Chains
  • Single-target buff
  • Single-target debuff
Prerequisite skills None
Element None Equipment req. None
Cast time Unknown Item req. None
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Effects
1 2 25 0 30 A chant that liberates the souls of all beings, canceling movement, attack and magic-binding status effects. Casting costs -20 HP.
2 (Max) 3 30 10 30 A chant that makes the enemy's mind blank, stopping movement for 6 seconds, attack for 5 seconds, and magic for 4 seconds.