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City Group Residences
City Group Residences

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:126 Y:263)



City Group Residences is a Merchant NPC.

About private residence[]

  • Character must be level 20 or above to purchase private residence.
  • Private residence can only display private residence exclusive items.
  • Private residence owner can enter private residence via user interface at Eversun City.
  • Private residence owner can invite players to visit his/her private residence via invitation option available at Eversun City.
  • Players in Eversun City can visit private residence of friends on instant messenger list. (Host must own private residence to enable visit)Visit friend button
  • Items for the private residence have to be crafted or purchased directly from the Item mall
  • The alchemy scroll required for the desired items can be purchased via the NPC (see list below) or the Item mall
  • Items placed in private residence can only be removed and cannot return to player's backpack.
  • Removal of private residence items will free up space within the residence. However, the item will be permanently deleted.
  • Private residence owner can set off fireworks at the residence but cannot attract monster.
  • Private residence possess its own storage (Dimensional pocket) the owner can access from.

Buy private residences[]

  • You can purchase a house with one floor at 1,000,000 gold.
  • He will give you the option to do a loan and you will need to pay a down payment of 100,000 gold first and then, you will have about a month to pay the rest of 900,000 gold.
  • You can expand your residence up to floor 3 while paying higher loans for 2nd and 3rd floor.
  • You can expand your residence space by purchasing Residence Space Expanding Scroll in the Item mall
  • If your residence is expanded up to floor 3, you can purchase floor 4 and 5 with the House Floor Expansion Ticket and House Floor Expansion Ticket II from the Item mall.
  • If you have 200 or more furniture slots, not pieces in your residence, access to the Dimensional pocket is available outside the residence, via your inventory, right next to the open wardrobe button/icon.
  • Dimensional pocket size depends on the number of floors your residence possesses. You can obtain 5 slots per floor, for a total of 25 slots.
  • Dimensional pocket size can be increased up to 325 slots by purchasing Item Vault Expansion Scrolls from the House Items tab in the Item mall.

Notes on Upgrades[]

Each expansion will give you a higher capacity for furniture:

Floor Furniture capacity Cost
1 +10 (10 total) 1,000,000 gold (100,000 downpayment)
2 +15 (25 total) 2,000,000 gold (200,000 downpayment)
3 +20 (45 total) 5,000,000 gold (500,000 downpayment)
4 +25 (70 total) 2499 Suba Points
5 +30 (100 total) 2499 Suba Points

If you have upgrades to the item vault, they will not be applied to your dimensional pocket until you use the one in your residence.

In order to store Pets in your Item Vault, you need to obtain and purchase 150 total Furniture Slots. Once that's done, the pet menu is where you will see the option to store pets in the item vault. This works like a hibernation box in that pets stored will not lose loyalty. This can be used to rearrange pet order as well.

The item vault can store basically whatever goes into a bank. Including stacks of items, onyxes, slayer/flyer quest scrolls (though it will not display the quest or progress), modded costumes, armor, weapons, etc.

Buy Scrolls[]

Item Price
Residence Space Expanding Scroll I 1,000,000
Zen Cabinet Alchemy scroll 2,000
Zen 3 tiered Cabinet Alchemy scroll 2,000
Monterey Cabinet Alchemy scroll 2,000
St James Cabinet Alchemy scroll 2,000
Reclaimed Wood Carte Alchemy scroll 1,000
Monterey Large Bookcase Alchemy scroll 2,000
Rec. Wood Queen Bed Alchemy scroll 2,000
Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Alc. scroll 2,000
Mini Cypress Plant Alchemy scroll 2,000
Japanese Green Rosewood Hot Tub scroll 2,000
Japanese Red Rosewood Hot Tub scroll 2,000
Japanese Red Rosewood Hot Tub II scroll 2,000
French Casement Wall Mount Rack scroll 2,500
Wall Hung Swords Alchemy scroll 2,500
Ancient Ding (Vessel) Alchemy scroll 2,000

Note : All items can be preview by talking to the NPC - choose the option "Private residences items preview".