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A combo is a special attack skill that your character can initiate against an enemy without using any MP. After a series of combos landed on your opponent, a super combo can be activated.

The damage completely ignores the monster's defense and elemental attribute.

Building the combo[]

Each normal hit and attack skill, initiated by yourself or your pet, add to the combo meter. All heal and buff skills will also fill up the bar, as well as taking damage when hit.

Once filled, the combo meter will display a number to indicate the current level of the available combo. The maximum level you can reach for each combo is 4.

  • Level 1: Reflex Punch
  • Level 2: Reflex Power Punch
  • Level 3: Reflex Whirlwind Punch
  • Level 4: Reflex Comet Punch

Super Combo[]

A super combo can be initiated if you align the gems in a particular order. Watch the gem color change on the left side of the bar, then click on the actual 'COMBO' heading, or press Ctrl+W. If the combination is wrong when the four gems are aligned, the gems will simply vanish. If you log off, the combo is simply lost.


All super combos deal about the same damage. To make a stronger one, you need to build stronger hits, i.e. building your combo only with gems at level 4 for the highest damage. The final damage of a super combo is based on the addition of each hit's damage divided by 2, although the super combo's number will slightly vary from the formula's result.

Level 4: 560
Level 1: 194
Level 3: 357
Level 1: 199
Super Combo: 674*
Formula: (560 + 194 + 357 + 199 ) / 2 = 655

List of Super Combos[]

  • Furious Fist: RedGemGreenGemYellowGemBlueGem (RGYB)
  • Rabid Punch: GreenGemRedGemBlueGemYellowGem (GRBY)
  • Thunderous Thump: YellowGemBlueGemRedGemGreenGem (YBRG)
  • Cataclysmic Clout: BlueGemYellowGemGreenGemRedGem (BYGR)

Tips to remember the order[]

There are different ways to remember the order, such as creating simple sentences or words with the first letter of the color (e.g. Kirby for GRBY, Cyborg for YBRG).

Another trick is to only remember RGYB and GRBY. You can get the other two combo orders by reading those ones [RGYB and GRBY] backwards.

You can also follow this logic:

  1. Red and Green are together
  2. Yellow and Blue are together
  3. Red is never next to Yellow
  4. Green is never next to Blue

Therefore, if you start to align Red, then Green (#1), the next one will ultimately be Yellow because of #4. The last one would eventually be Blue.


Both Combo and Super Combo count as skill attack despite they don't use MP, so enemy skills that prevent you from using your skills will also block your combo, they are also very often to miss on dancer type monsters.

Combos will also automatically reset when you log out or disconnect.

The combo skill falls under Invincible Skill Damage, so it will be boosted if you equip things such as Celestial Azure Claw, Azure Claw, Boxing Skill Charm, Celestial Boxing Skill Charm, and anything else that boosts that attribute.