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Commoner Card
Armor Clothing
Weapon Baton
Active set Active None
Passive set Passive Commoner Skills (8)


Careers Advisor

Commoners mainly manufacture items. The combat ability of a Commoner isn't strong, but can be combined with other job skills effectively.

As a Commoner, you'll only have a few job skills, but commoner has the largest number of secondary job skill spaces.


In the Dream of Mirror Online, the characters created by players always appear as "Common People". The Common People with "basic occupations" are certainly building blocks of society. They are responsible for various fundamental productions. Although they have opportunities to get involved with all combat skills, without special training or performance, they are not able to be expert in those skills. Therefore they usually live an ordinary life without outstanding accomplishments. With their jobs, the Common People are able to access abundant resources and make a living without worrying about their economy. After simple civilian force training, they can at least protect themselves by teaming up when encountering a crisis.


There is no need to qualify for this job. This is your starting job upon entering the game.

Attributes and stats[]

Base attributes[]

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.

Attribute Base Bonus
Power 6
  • +2.0 Attack
  • Increases HP recovery
  • Increases block rate
  • +6 HP(+8 at 21, +10 at 41)
  • +1.2 Attack
  • +0.4 Defense
  • +0.1 Magic defense
  • Increases MP recovery
  • +1.8 MP
  • +0.9 Attack
  • +0.5 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic defense
  • Increases magic speed
  • Decreases cooling time
  • +0.8 Attack
  • +1.3 Evasion
  • +0.2 Magic evasion
  • Increases critical-hit rate
  • +0.9 Attack
  • +1.5 Accuracy
  • +0.2 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic accuracy
  • +0.1 Critical attack
Durability 5
  • +1.2 Attack
  • +1.0 Defense

Notes: The above values are for a Commoner at level 1, as opposed to level 10 base stats for other jobs. Commoners thus have 27 more stat points to spend than similarly-levelled Jobs.

These values may be rounded up. Alternatively, you can view the stat bonus table that used to be on the DomoCamp wiki.

Base stats[]

  • HP: 405
  • MP: 77
  • Attack: 35
  • Defense: 6
  • Evasion: 6
  • Accuracy: 7
  • Magic Attack: 16
  • Magic Defense: 16
  • Magic Evasion: 1
  • Magic Accuracy: 1
  • Critical Attack: 1

Note: Level 1 base stats are different per race and adjust upward and settle on the above stats at level 15


Weapon Proficiency (%)
Abacus 70
Axe 70
Baton 100
Bow 70
Boxing Glove 70
Dagger 70
Fan 70
Musical Instrument 70
Saber 70
Spear 70
Staff 70
Sword 70
Syringe 70
Wand 70

A Commoner is perfectly suited to using batons.

A Commoner is competent using all other weapons.


Passive set Commoner Skills[]

These skills alow the user to increase the upper limit of their collection and alchemy skills.

Note: When subbing skills from other jobs, Commoners suffer a 10% penalty in damage output for skills. Be aware of what skills you use.

Rising Water Level Rising Water Level
Improves Fishing skill in order to obtain better Treasures of the Deep.
Thickening Thoughts Thickening Thoughts
Improves Meditation skill in order to obtain better Meditation Materials.
Forestry Finesse Forestry Finesse
Improves Forestry skill in order to obtain better Lumber.
Apex of Alchemy Apex of Alchemy
Improves Alchemy skill in order to obtain better items.
Farming Finesse Farming Finesse
Improves Farming skill in order to obtain better Crops.
Thrifty Saver Thrifty Saver
Increase instant healing effects received from pills by 2%. 1/2 effect for non-Commoner occupations.
Maxi-Mining Maxi-Mining
Improves Mining skill in order to obtain better Minerals.
Heightened Herding Heightened Herding
Improves Herding skill in order to obtain better Animal Products.

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