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This map has not been released on the Suba Games English version of Dream of Mirror Online.

Map of Copperhorn Mountain Dream World

The entrance to this area is in Darkdale. Grab one Dreamstone and then speak to Melissa the Hypnotist in at X:319 Y:395.


Name Job Level Element
Wandering Citizen Commoner 10 Non-Elemental
Wandering Fencer Fencer 12 Wood Wood
Wandering Dancer Dancer 14 Water Water
Wandering Mercenary Mercenary 16 Metal Metal
Wandering Wizard Wizard 18 Fire Fire
Wandering Martial Artist Martial Artist 20 Earth Earth
Vicious Digger Commoner 25 Non-Elemental
Vicious Swordsman Blademaster 28 Fire Fire
Vicious Musician Musician 32 Wood Wood
Vicious Shaman Shaman 35 Fire Fire
Vicious Doctor Doctor 38 Earth Earth
Vicious Thief Thief 40 Water Water
Nasty Necromancer Necromancer 43 Wood Wood
Nasty Bodyguard Assassin 45 Water Water
Nasty Merchant Merchant 50 Metal Metal
Weapon Master Hero 55 Fire Fire
Demonic Master Wizard Sorcerer 60 Fire Fire


Name Job Level Element
Shadow Holy Wizard Lord 70 Fire Fire
Shadow Evil Spirit Lord 70 Earth Earth
Shadow Assassin Lord 70 Water Water