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Councilman Reese
NPC Human Male 18

Race: Human
Gender: Male

  • Protect the Governor's Son

Councilman Reese is a Quest NPC. Councilman Reese is located at X:364 Y:80 in Copperhorn Mountain and awards items according to points stored on the Secondary Plot Scorecard. Letters of Love

Quest descriptionEdit

Time limit: 60 minutes

Waiting time: You must wait 24 hours (real-time) to initiate the quest (whether you have failed, succeeded or disconnected), unless you use a Special Mission Ticket.

Reward points: 30 points

Keep the Governor's Son safe.


Level 55 Body Recipe - 300 points each:

Level 60 Body - 150 points each:

Gemstones - 30 points each:

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