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NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Crossbone Blademaster's Lair is located at (X:173 Y:137) in Canute Canal (Eversun South), through a red crystal.

Collecting 100 Crossbone Swordsman Prints will unlock level 63 on one job (see Potential development).


  • Defeat the Crossbone Blademaster.


Name Job Level Element
Chestbeater Dancer 66 Earth Earth
Female Vampire Bat Shaman 66 Water Water
Male Vampire Bat Witch Doctor 66 Water Water
Pearly Frog Musician 67 Water Water
Pearly Tadpole Shaman 67 Water Water
Pearly Frog Guard Martial Artist 68 Non-Elemental
Pearly Frog Captain Blademaster 69 Non-Elemental
Treasure Chestbeater Merchant 69 Earth Earth
Crossbone Blademaster Boss 70 Non-Elemental
Crossbone Blademaster (Clone) Blademaster 70 Non-Elemental


  • Each 20% HP, Crossbone will dissapear and a certain amount of Crossbone Blademaster (Clone) will appear. After killing the right clone, the real Crossbone Blademaster will appear again. The lower his HP, the more clones will spawn.
    • The correct clone can be revealed through a Demon-revealing Mirror sold from Jackal Marshall. Using this item will label the clone as the true one.
    • Upon killing the correct clone, Crossbone will shout "Ah! If it weren't for you meddling kids..." in General chat.
  • After reaching his last 20% HP, Crossbone will grow and will start to hit much harder. Try to have Ultimate Healing ready.


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