Notes: Not to be confused with Dark Zombie (Lair)
Monster Hard This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: Zombies have been slaughtered, and the angry Dark Zombie has appeared on the first level of Farrell Family Crypt, so be careful everyone!
Dark Zombie

Dark Zombie

Level 29
Job Mercenary
Element Metal Metal
Skill Nightfall
Behavior Aggro
Capturable No
Location Farrell Family Crypt
(X:365 Y:206)
Experience 7625
Fame 145
Quests Darkdale Elder Mission
HP 6482
Physical Attack 161
Physical Defense 139
Accuracy 22
Evasion 22
Magic Attack 94
Magic Defense 32
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion -3
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x4Unknown
Spider SlippersUnknown
Ankle BiterUnknown
Flying Pupu Coupon x4Unknown
Pupu Coupon x4Unknown
Pig Onyx (20~30)Unknown
Rooster Onyx (20~30)Unknown
Recipe: Harp
Recipe: Poleax
Recipe: Hunting Bow
Blue Powder
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