Demon Trainer
NPC Shura Male 17

Race: Shura
Gender: Male


Neptune's Temple (X:73 Y:242)


The Hunt for Tricksy Turtle

Demon Trainer is a Quest NPC.

This quest can be repeated after 24 hours real-time.

Elder Scroll Speak to Demon Trainer in Neptune's Temple at X:73 Y:242, beyond the safe room and just outside of Tricksy Turtle's Lair. You will receive Demon Trainer's Certificate.


  1. Crimson Glob Extermination Mission: Kill 10 Crimson Globs
  2. Man-Eating Zombie Extermination Mission: Kill 10 Man Eating Zombies
  3. Ice Zombie Extermination Mission: Kill 10 Ice Zombies
  4. Ghost Extermination Mission: Kill 10 Ghosts
  5. Glob King Eradication mission: Kill 10 King Globs
  6. After completing these tasks, turn in the Certificate to Demon Trainer for your rewards.