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The Devil Seal Cards system mainly revolves around the use of the item, the Almanac of Gods and Demons, which can be used to capture and store information of various monsters within the game. A player can use the almanac to look at a captured monster from various angles, check its stats, and summon it. Monsters summoned from the almanac are counted as eggsploiters. In order to obtain the almanac, you must talk to the Mirror King's Assistant.


To seal a monster into the almanac, you need to obtain a Devil Sealing Card as well as five Monster-Trapping Mirrors. Then, capture five of the same monster with the mirrors. Once that is done, use the Devil Sealing Card and place the five captured monsters inside. This will turn the Devil Sealing Card into a Demon Guide containing information of the monster you've sealed. Unlike the Devil Sealing Cards, Demon Guides can be traded. Use the Demon Guide to record the information of that monster into the almanac.


Monsters within the almanac can be summoned as many times as possible. However, monsters level 11 or higher must be summoned with Devil Dust each time. The amount of Devil Dust required is equal to the level of the monster.

Almanac monsters behave identically to monsters summoned from mirrors. They will despawn upon leaving the map, and have abilities they will use infrequently, differing based on what monster they are. They normally will not despawn unless slain. Their special skill provides a large increase to their stats, and to their visual size, but at the cost of "exhausting" them - roughly 20 seconds after the special skill is initiated, the monster will fade and disappear. The monster will need to be resummoned, paying the Devil Dust cost again if applicable.

Removal History[]

While this item can be banked and deleted, deleting the item will destroy all recorded monster information, meaning that you must start over when you receive it from the Mirror King's Assistant once again. Banking the item will not have an affect.

Historically, it was essentially glued to the players inventory. It could not be traded, dropped, stored in the bank, nor destroyed via trash can icon. The only way of getting rid of it back then was from the Almanac Eater, an NPC that had to be spawned by the GMs weekly.

Sealable monsters, per level[]

Level 1~10[]

Level 11~20[]

Level 21~30[]

Level 31~40[]

Level 41~50[]

Level 51~60[]

Level 61~70[]

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Level 71~80[]

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