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August 23, 2017 • Report bad ads
Please contact Fandom/Wikia for ads that hijack browsers or contain inappropriate content. Domo Wiki recommends logging in with an account to reduce ads or to use ad blocking extensions to block them entirely.

July 3, 2012 • Domo Wiki staying online
Despite Aeria Domo's closure, Domo Wiki will remain online indefinitely. Players may use the site if transitioning to IC, starting a private server, or just to reminisce. Thanks to all current and former users. We wish you well.

November 5, 2010 • Monaco skin dropped, Monobook still an option
Monaco can no longer be used on Wikia, but Monobook is available for registered users who do not like the current skin. You may switch skins through your preferences, under "Site Layouts".

October 23, 2010 • New skin, part 2
The new skin is now the default skin for all users. Our previous skin, Monaco, is still available for logged-in users until November 3rd. Monobook will still be an option after that date. If you have any suggestions or questions, please post them on our forums.

September 25, 2010 • New skin
Wikia is planning to implement a new skin. As the skin seems to be mandatory, your feedback is desired on how to best adapt Domo Wiki to this change.

September 27, 2009 • Armor pages
The template for armor pages has been revamped a while ago, and is now safe to use. Since changing the template takes some time, a lot of pages will still use the deprecated template for a couple of weeks.

September 23, 2009 • New features
My Home and the masthead have now been implemented on the wiki. You can disable the redirect to My Home in your preferences, under Misc.

June 21, 2009 • License update
It has been decided a few days ago that most wikis on Wikia are now under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License rather than GNU Free Documentation License. More information is provided at Central Wikia.

June 19, 2009 • Collection maps
The wiki now supports collection maps for towns and fields. You can view them by the category or on their respective area article. It is optimized for Firefox, but still works on other browsers (less so on Internet Explorer 8, though).

May 9, 2009 • Thank You All!
Hello, this is TrueMaple, the founder of this wiki. Although I am no longer active, I still visit the Wiki from time to time, and I would like to say that this wiki has changed a lot from when it started out. It has what over 200 users, a strong editing community, and over 2000 articles! And so I say thank you to all of the admins and the community!

April 21, 2009 • MediaWiki upgraded
The wiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.14, the latest stable release of MediaWiki. Any bugs or problems should be reported at Central Wikia.

February 18, 2009 • Recipe maps
The wiki now supports recipe maps for fields. You can view them by the category or on their respective area article.

October 24, 2008 • Thank you all!
Hello DoMO wiki community,

It is I truemaple, the former "Manager" of DoMO Wiki. It has been a while since I have logged in and checked out the wiki, it is looking great! Thanks to all of you who helped and contributed! But I would like to give special thanks to these people: D-Day (current manager), Sorkem, BlueFang, and SSF! Thank them, and thank you (the DoMO wiki community!)

October 17, 2008 • Game News
The wiki will now list game news for both English versions. The current format is not final; changes will eventually be made. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message on the discussion page.

October 7, 2008 • Weapons pages
The template for Weapons has been revamped. See the documentation for more information. There will be some changes to the {{Loc}} format in the following days as well (when used, it currently looks off).

September 14, 2008 • Items pages
The template for Items has been revamped. All pages will still show the information correctly, but still need to be updated. See the documentation for more information. Categories will also be worked on.

September 10, 2008 • MediaWiki upgraded
The DoMO Wiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.13.1, the latest stable release of MediaWiki. Any bugs or problems should be reported here. At the moment, the categories show as if they are empty, which was an intentional move by the Wikia staff to make the upgrade faster. This should be fixed in the following days. The category trees will only show the number of subcategories rather than pages.

August 30, 2008 • Skills pages
All skills' basic information (at least to level 1) have been entered. However, some of the data might be wrong, and most pages are definitely not considered "complete". If you want to help, be sure that you do not use data from a foreign source, as skills are most likely to be different. If you do not understand how the template and parameters work, please read the documentation.

July 20, 2008 • Skin changes
The Monaco skin has been modified to suit the game's interface, and Haledire's logo is now on the sidebar. The logo from Nexuswolf will be kept on the main page. The Bestiary pages are slowly being rebuilt.

July 10, 2008
This is Truemaple the creator of DoMo Wiki, I know it has been a while since I have logged on and edited this wiki, and I am happy to say this wiki would not have been this great without:

  1. Bluefang05
  2. D-day (Bureaucrat, Sysop)
  3. Flimdeewomba
  4. Ironique
  5. Jbentje
  6. Kindjal
  7. Lithos
  8. MattyJacko
  9. Motarrisu ‎(Bureaucrat, Sysop)
  10. Nexuswolf
  11. PanSola ‎(Helper)
  12. Paperdoll
  13. Rafaelito
  14. SSF
  15. Sorkem
  16. Technologic
  17. Undeadsliver

And special thanks to: D-Day & Motarrisu as they helped with the coding of the templates.

July, 2008 • Weapons pages
Most of the Weapons pages are ready to be modified. A lot of the data comes from the Japanese Wiki, and gYnophObia's Weapon Stats and Info thread, but there are a lot of missing information, some which may be wrong. Please help by updating the page if you find anything that needs to be added, or changed.

January, 2008
As of 1/30/08, we have 419 articles! Please add to us! Don't know how? Just read the editing guide over the Contributors Forum! If you have any questions, just email me (