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The Duck is a vanity pet, but can also be considered a Boosting vanity pet. After successfully escorting the ducks in Chapter 2 of the Confusion Dance quest, you will randomly receive one of these three Duck boxes:

  • Duck Gift Box.gif Duck
  • Red Duck Gift Box.gif Red Duck
  • Motley Duck Gift Box.gif Spotted Duck


In order to turn the Duck Box into a permanent non-tradable vanity pet, you must turn in three different items to the Duck Keeper (located at X:128 Y:110 in Giantwood Forest). He requests 60 Dried Rice, 100 Sea Bass Roe, and an Intermediate Evolution Stone to hatch the duck. You will then have to wait 2 real world hours to receive it.

Once you receive your hatched duck, you will notice a scale in the description:

Current duck size:
Size of duck size inside city: 100/500
Size of duck outside city: 100/200

Your duck can be fattened to grow larger in size by taking it back to the Duck Keeper with 20 Dried Rice.

You will be required to wait 2 real world hours before you can receive your duck again. With each fattening, the scale will go up by 20 inside the city and 5 outside the city. After 20 fattenings, the scale will max out. If you're VERY lucky, the scale goes up dramatically, taking as little as 2 fattenings. Once the scale maxes out, the Duck Keeper will no longer allow you to fatten your duck and will tell you that is too fat.

Vanity Pet Treasure Box[]

A Duck can be stored and leveled in the Vanity Pet Treasure Box once it is fully fattened. At this point, the duck can grant its user Max HP when summoned. You will need either duck prints from the Feed Duck minigame or a hatched copy of the duck you are planning to level.

Getting the 3 Ducks fully fatened and fully levelled inside the Vanity Pet Treasure Box allow you to obtain the Ugly duckling Title and the Master of Ducker Achievement.

Mount Babel patch[]

Prior to the Mount Babel patch on December 8th 2008, the Duck Keeper demanded 100 Peeled Prawn and 20 Peppermint instead of the Dried Rice and the Sea Bass Roe.