Eggsploiter pets can be purchased through the Item mall or received from various promotions. They take up a slot in the player's inventory instead of the pet window. Trapped monsters from mirrors or The Almanac of Gods and Demons are counted as eggsploiter pets.

Unlike regular pets, eggsploiters cannot gain experience, evolve, lose loyalty, be ridden, or be stored in a Pet Hibernation Box. When summoned, they have a one hour cooldown that does not transfer when changing maps and does not countdown when logged out. When they die, the owner does not need to revive them but must wait for the cooldown to end in order to resummon them. Eggsloiter pets are not subject to Musician Pet Sounds but they can be healed with Pedigree Power, Bow-Wow HP Biscuit or HP Medicine Boost.

Types of eggsploiter pets:

Name Level
Sweetheart pet or Sara Matches player level up to 70
Meru or Molly Matches player level up to 40
Spectre Protector (Aeria only) Leveled with items up to 50

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