The entrance to this dungeon is located at X:500 Y:488 in Collington. To enter, you must complete Gilligan's Emperor Gang Infiltration Mission.


NOTE Teleport at 12, 298 "Teleport: Nobody may enter without the permission of Mr. Godwin!"


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 424 314
Hannibal Marshall 98 364
Jellyfish 161 172


See also Category:Emperor Gang Hideout monsters
Name Job Level Element
Cruel Kid Musician 40 Non-Elemental
Divine Metal Beast Wizard 41 Metal Metal
Divine Water Beast Wizard 45 Water Water
Divine Wood Beast Wizard 43 Wood Wood
Kind Kid Wizard 40 Non-Elemental


Recipe X Y
Rose Hairband 338 60
Pearl Wristband 452 107
Pearl Anklet 381 298
Pussy Cap 52 302
Tiger Paws 77 333
Stripy Slippers 394 22
Tempura 235 94

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