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Emperor Gang Spy
NPC Human Male 9

Race: Human
Gender: Male

  • Protect Emperor Gang

Emperor Gang Spy is a Quest NPC. Emperor Gang Spy is located at X:489 Y:482 in Collington (at the Emperor Saber Academy) and awards the following items, according to points stored on Secondary Plot Scorecard. Letters of Love

Quest descriptionEdit

Mission summary: The Emperor Gang has never been friendly with the Taming Academy. When the master of the Taming Academy disappeared, Black Fox conspired with the Taming Academy to attack Emperor Gang.

Victory condition: Defeat Black Fox.

Time limit: 60 minutes

Waiting time: You must wait 24 hours (real-time) to initiate the quest (whether you have failed, succeeded or disconnected), unless you use a Special Mission Ticket.

Reward points: 30 points

With the help of the Emperor Gang Members and Mr. Godwin, you must defeat all of the Demonslayer Pupils before facing Black Fox. To not fail the mission, Mr. Godwin and at least one Emperor Gang Member must remain alive.


  • 6 Demonslayer Pupils (various jobs, level 55, non-elemental)
  • Black Fox (Boss, level 65, non-elemental)


Level 55 pant recipes - 300 points each:

Level 60 pants - 150 points each:

Gemstones - 30 points each: