Domo Wiki

Being a game with multiple classes, it's hard to track down where you are for progress in the end game. So, this is a sort of guide to "What should I be doing if I'm level 70+ and still weak?"

First of all, the basics:

Modded costume: Equipment modification A modded costume is the easiest and most universal bonus in DOMO so it is top priority to get a decent one.

Wardrobe: Wardrobe This is also a universal bonus, it takes time to fill it, but along the way the bonuses are rewarding enough to make it worthwhile. Costumes can be obtained via (VIP) raids, costume crafting, and event/event stamp rewards.

Elemental Defense Gear: Each element has uses, but generally the priority for elements to get is: Earth > Fire > Metal - Water > Wood.

Earth should be obvious to anyone who has gone into Spooky Bottom, the mobs there are mostly water type for the higher levels. Fire can be used in the raids Town-God Temple, Western Tiger Lair, and Lightning Spirit Lair. Additionally a lower level fire ring can be used instead of armor for grinding in Eversun Instance from 30-50. Water and Metal are roughly equal, not particularly good or bad though they have uses in SV and EDT. Wood is the worst element, especially for defense because the only high level Earth mob of note is Grizzly Bear which ignores elemental defense with an invincible type attack.

Now for the more advanced things:

Skill Scrolls: Skill Scroll/Skill List, expand the tables for where to obtain scrolls for each class. Skill scrolls are easily the biggest contributing factor to your damage in the end game. For skill spam classes they affect the base damage of your skills which is multiplied by other parts of your gear. Passive skills in particular give great bonuses for the main classes with good passives (Blademaster, Wizard, Hunter, Doctor)

Rebirth: Reincarnation, At first the rebirth system looks daunting, but ultimately it is extremely worth doing for two reasons: Damage from level difference penalties is affected both ways, and the extra stat points you get per every 5 levels (or every 4 76+). If you're under 75 it's worth doing for being able to use skills unlocked with skill scrolls. Get rebirth stones at the Trader Girl by doing daily missions to unlock the highest tier.

Suits: Suit Armor, fairly straightforward: suits offer a 6 piece stat bonus when you have the set which makes them worth making. Most of the 65 sets are trash because there is no 65 ultimate weapon, 60 suits don't have a native gold stat on ultimate weapons so True weapons are generally better at that level. Artemis is recommended for leveling with magic dps, as the robe equip comes with the magical skill damage passive and the robe double gold bonus adds to that.

Accessories: Celestial Accesories Box, Celestial Necklaces Box, Celestial Ring Box, Celestial Skill Charm Box, Celestial Demon Charm Box These are all generally important, but I would say to place more priority on attributes (magical skill damage, physical skill damage, hp recovery {note: not standing hp rec, healing power}) than on atk/matk.

Onyxes: Onyx For onyxes it depends kind of on your role/build, but generally these are what you want to look for:

Absolute Onyx: Restoration (S4, Body or Weapon) from NTT raid

Absolute Onyx: Rejuvenation (S4, Body or Weapon) from NTT raid

Onyx of Earth - MP REC (S3 Body) from Word Bingo and upgraded through Stone Alchemy Merchant scrolls

Constant Onyx Earth/Fire/Water/Metal/Wood Slay (S3 Weapon)

Fortification Onyx: Spirit Strike (S1 Weapon)

Fortification Onyx: Defense (S1 Armor)

Onyx of Hollow: Rare 7% defense variants exist (S2 Armor)

Vanity Pets: Vanity Pet Treasure Box The bonuses from vanity pets are pretty much universal, though it's so expensive to get into that it's better to go for other things first. Some vanity pets drop from raids such as Inside Town-God Temple Lair and True Tigerman (Lair)

That covers most of the end-game gear. Now for some tips on where to go and what to do:

Gem Farming: If you are making a high level suit, farming gems is important. If you need Spinel (A), Opal (A), Turquoise (A), or Olivine (A); those are easily found on the Firework Map. The best places to get fireworks are Guild Merchant I and bronze boxes from Gilda Silva. For other gems generally you'd want to farm the instances in the 4 towers. EDT has the easiest one for farming; SV and WTT are not too difficult, and NTT is long and annoying so I don't recommend it unless you have a build that specifically lets you kill it fast. Small raids can also give a few gems. Though for citrine and amethyst (A) you may want to consider farming turtles in NTT if you want to multitask by grinding for white dice chests, exp, and spirit pearls at the same time.

For a suit you will also need (C) and (B) gems, (C) gems can be obtained via doing Demon Tower (Spirit Gang Lealy). bronze/silver/gold boxes have a chance for each type of C gem. (B) gems are obtained via trading in points from Tier 3 quests.

Spirit Pearl Farming:

The fastest way to get spirit pearls is being able to solo Mirror Sprite Instance. Though if you aren't powerful enough to do that, the other options are the Bigbeam instances as well as getting Spirit collection pearls from the guild merchant.

Consumable Farming:

Basically, Eversun Event, summoning Trivern there to get the Old Treasure Chest will get you a lot of consumables that are used for raids. In addition to orange books for getting gold stat bonuses.

Occupation Spring Farming:

Once you're at 70 or higher, you can continue leveling at cap, if you have EXP Credit Cards in your inventory, then you get a button on your status screen to transfer the exp to the card when you're at 100%, 3 EXP Cards turn into an occupation spring. How many you get depends on which rebirth you're on.