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For in-game events announced daily, see Daily event.

Seasonal events[]

Seasonal events developed by Softstar are only patched for a period of time, but may reappear again. Green items indicate currently active events.

Quest Notes
Cake Master Christmas event.
Catch Me If You Can New Year event.
Costume Torn to Shreds Halloween event.
Draw Lots New Year event.
Easter Quest Easter event.
Enchanted Pumpkins: Out of Control! Halloween event.
Eversun Event
Fragrant Christmas Eve Christmas event.
Get That Saddle Back Halloween event.
Halloween Delivery Operation Halloween event.
Kit-Cat's Candy Halloween event.
Making of a Carp Flag Autumn event.
Mid-Autumn Festival Autumn event
Prove Your Love Valentine's Day event.
Santa Claus is Coming Christmas event.
Searching for Autumn Autumn event.
Snowball Fight Christmas event.
Summer Keeping GameTribe
Summer of Love Olympic event
Test of Courage Ghost Festival event.
The Lost X'Mas Gift Box Operation Christmas event.
The Missing Christmas Gift Box Christmas event.
The Red Kidnapper Christmas event.
Tiger Family's Xmas Christmas event.
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day event.

Community events[]

Gamemasters sometimes run special events. They are subject to change, and may only be run for a certain period of time.

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