Event Statue Contractor
Event Statue Contractor

Race: Shura
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:177 Y:160)



Event Statue Contractor is a NPC.

Gold Sink Events[1][edit | edit source]

Donate gold to improve the event statue. When it reaches the final stage players will get:

  1. An experience bonus the next available weekend.
  2. A bonus event the next weekend.
  3. Since april 2021, the bonus depends the amount of gold donated. The max amount moved from 5 million gold to 10 millon gold.

Statue Phases[edit | edit source]

There are five phases of the statue. Each phase showcases a different statue as well as changing the contractor's dialogue (he slowly gets greedier the better the statue).

  • Phase 0: No statue. 100% less EXP/DROP -> no bonus (0%/0%)
  • Phase 1: A statue resembling a clock tower. 75% less XP/DROP (50%/10%)
  • Phase 4: A statue resembling one of the four tower deities in Placid Plain. Current server bonus XP/DROP (e.g. 200%/25%)

The goals for each phase change every week depending on how much gold was donated during the week. (Usually announced on DoMo Discord).

In order to prevent too high of a bonus, the bonus for the first week of every month will be reset to 0%, and the goal will be reset to predetermined values.

Statue Appearance[edit | edit source]

Phase 0[edit | edit source]

No Statue

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

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