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Eversun Elder
Eversun Elder

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:261 Y:198)


Eversun Elder Mission

Eversun Elder is a Quest NPC. The Eversun Elder Missions are given by the Eversun Elder at X:261 Y:198 in Eversun City.

Elder Scroll

You are given an Eversun Elder's Scroll to remind you of your mission. It is important that you do not trash the scroll, as it records the tasks you have completed. If you decide to get rid of the item, you will not be able to do any mission for 24 hours (real time), and will have to start over. You may click on the scroll to see your progress, as well as your current task.

While gold is given as a reward for all missions, the main goal of these missions is to receive guild and personal fame, along with the rewards from completing 25 consecutive missions.

Upon completing all tasks, you will have to wait a full day to initiate the quest again.

Ingredient Collection Mission[]

Elder will require 20 items.

"There are always monsters outside of the city, they usually have special materials on them." "Please go get some for me!"

Requirement Gold given Collected From
20 Sugarcane 230 Flying Pupu, Forest Kuku Egg, Pearly Tadpole, Pupu
20 Tangerine 230 Forest Kuku Egg, Giant Moth
20 Lotus Seed 345 Pupu, Hedgehog
20 Soybean 345 Forest Kuku Papa, Flying Pupu, Dairy Pu Mama, Greedy Rat
20 Wild Dog Gang Badge 460 Baby Bow-Wow, Bad Baby Bow-Wow
20 Pupu Feather 460 Dairy Pu Dada, Lil' Dairy Pu, Wild Pupu
20 Wobbly Jelly 690 Glob, Golden Glob, Grape Glob
20 Pacifier 920 Dairy Pu Mama, Dairy Pu Dada, Pearly Tadpole
20 Guano 920 Batling, Corpse-Cruncher, Undead Corpse
20 Ancient Copper Coin 1150 Corpse-Cruncher, Demonic Zombie, Greedy Rat
20 Bear Wood Carving 1150 Toxic Trunk, Wild Flying Pupu
20 Dried Lizard 1380 Big-Lidded Lizard, Lil'-Lidded Lizard, Lizard Leader, Mama Lizard, Red Scorpion
20 Burial Band 1380 Little Eye, Pupu President Corpse
20 Spider Thread 1610 Itsy Bitsy, Sombre Zombie, Spider
20 Pearly Frogspawn 1610 Pearly Frog
20 Apron 1840 Female Vampire Bat, Hulu Bamboo, Minotaur

Team Mission[]

The Elder will test your popularity and require you to form a team with certain requirements. Height and cup-size can be determined through Mrs. Magic-Eye (X:165 Y:213, Eversun City).

Requirement Gold given
2 total team members 100
4 total team members 150
5 total team members 150
6 total team members 150
6 total, 3 men, 3 women 150
6 total, 2 others with your gender 150
6 total, no team members with the same job as you 200
6 total, one with a D-cup or above 250
6 total, only 4 others 175cm or taller 250
6 total, your level higher than all others 250
6 total, 2 of your race, 5 of your job 300
6 total, 2 others of your gender, 3 others of your job 300
6 total, 3 men, 3 women, 1 other member of your race 300
6 total, only 3 others 175cm or taller, only 1 other with a D-Cup or above 300

Production Mission[]

"A serious tsunami has occurred in the south. They need a lot of building materials to help reconstruct the area! Please take a lot of building materials as quickly as you can!"

Elder will require one raw material. Rarer than other missions.

Requirement Gold given
1 Seawater 1
1 Apple Lumber 1
1 Chicken Feather 1
1 Red Fragment 1
1 Mushroom 1
1 Quartz Sand 1
1 Seaweed 2
1 Maple Lumber 2
1 Pigskin 2
1 Blue Fragment 2
1 Root Ginger 2
1 Malachite 2

Refinement Mission[]

Elder will require one refined material. Rarer than other missions.

Requirement Gold given
1 Salt 46 gold
1 Apple Wood 46 gold
1 Down 46 gold
1 Red Powder 46 gold
1 Dried Mushroom 46 gold
1 Glass 46 gold
1 Dried Seaweed 69 gold
1 Maple Wood 69 gold
1 Pig Oil 69 gold
1 Blue Powder 69 gold
1 Sliced Ginger 69 gold
1 Copper Bar 69 gold

HP Control Mission[]

"Your survival depends largely on your ability to control your life force. Go! Reduce your HP to a tenth or below, and then come back to me alive."

Elder will require you to have your HP below 10%. Rarer than other missions.

  • Reward: 50 gold.


Upon completion of every 5 missions, you will receive personal fame, guild fame and the chance to continue the missions for greater rewards. When you reach 25 missions or say "no" to continuing, you will receive a number of Chang Yang Taoist Rubbings (Eversun Elder Print), (equal to the number of missions you have completed.

5 consecutive missions[]

10 consecutive missions[]

15 consecutive missions[]

20 consecutive missions[]

25 consecutive missions[]