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Eversun Guide
Eversun Guide

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:209 Y:283)

  • Eversun Guided Tour
  • Wild Pupu Rampage
  • Water Pollution
  • Rabid Wild Dog

Eversun Guide is a Quest NPC.

"If you aren't familiar with Eversun City, the Eversun Guide is the best person to see. He will help you understand the city better."

Completing all these quests give the EverSunShine title.

Turning in over 100 items for all quests (in one-go) gives the Bully Beater title.

Eversun Guided Tour[]

Talk to eight different NPCs in Eversun City and one NPC in Eversun North.

  • In the city:
  • Leave the city through the north exit and end up in Eversun North. Speak to Banker (X:394 Y:751). Return to the Eversun Guide back in Eversun City to complete the quest.


Wild Pupu Rampage[]

The Barbarous Wild Pupu

Recommended level: 8
Collect 20 Wild Pupu Bones from Wild Pupu.


Water Pollution[]

Polluted Water Source

Recommended level: 9
Collect 20 Forest Kuku Feathers from Forest Kuku Papa.


Rabid Wild Dog[]

A Bow-Wow Goes Bersek

Recommended Level: 10
Collect 20 Bad Baby Bow-Wow Bones from Bad Baby Bow-Wow.