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Expedition Team Member
NPC Shura Male 8

Race: Shura
Gender: Male


Dragon's Den (X:339 Y:191)

  • Ancient Dragon's Den Expedition

Expedition Team Member is a Quest NPC. He is located at X:339 Y:191 in Dragon's Den and awards items according to points stored on the Secondary Plot Scorecard. Letters of Love

Quest DescriptionEdit

Time limit: 60 minutes

Waiting time: You must wait 24 hours (real-time) to initiate the quest (whether you have failed, succeeded or disconnected), unless you use a Special Mission Ticket.

Reward points: 30 points

For each stage, monsters must be eliminated under a number of minutes.

  • Stage 1: Eight level 59 Green Snakes (Commoner, Wood, with 36,888 HP) under 5 minutes.
  • Stage 2: Four level 60 Jumboas (Blademaster, Non-Elemental, with 157,363 HP) under 10 minutes.
  • Stage 3: Four level 61 Shielded Snakes (Mercenary, Earth with 158,665 HP) under 10 minutes.
  • Stage 4: Three level 62 Flying Noisy Snakes (Wizard, Water with 227,952 HP) under 10 minutes.
  • Stage 5: Two level 63 Giant Flying Noisy Snake (Musician, Water with 334,430 HP) under 10 minutes.
  • Stage 6: One level 64 Woken Wyvern (Dancer, Metal with 539,241 HP) within remaining time.


LV55 Helmet Recipes - 300 points each:

LV60 Helmets - 150 points each:

Gemstones - 30 points each:

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