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Swordsman Card
Armor Light Armor
Weapon Sword
Active set Active

Elemental Attacks (10)

Targeted Attacks (10)
Passive set Passive Fencing Skills (3)


Careers Advisor

Fencers are fighters with both magical and physical attack powers. They are adept at imbuing attacks with different elemental powers and incapacitating enemies


The Fencer is a fighter that wields swords and focuses on individual fencing skills. They usually attack indirectly with delicate techniques and various ingenious fencing skills. They do not focus on hurting enemies during combat, but their fencing techniques can stall the enemies' attacks. The unique attacks with elemental power created by the swords of Fencer can convert ordinary physical attacks into elemental attack power. It is the only combat method in the close combat fighting occupations that can create attacking power generated by the five elements.


The qualification requires you to defeat the Fencer Careers Advisor at the Dojo in Eversun City (X:155 Y:178). This is a relatively easy task and level 10 can defeat the fencer with less than minor injuries. He has 518 HP and uses no special skills. If you leave the Dojo while fighting him, you fail the qualification.

Attributes and stats[]

Base attributes[]

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.

Attribute Base Bonus
Power 17
  • +2.35 Attack
  • Increases HP recovery
  • Increases block rate
  • +Non-linear HP
  • +0.3 Defense
  • +0.1 Magic defense
  • Increases MP recovery
  • +1.7 MP
  • +1.4 Attack
  • +0.4 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic defense
  • Increases magic speed
  • Decreases cooling time
  • +1.2 Evasion
  • +0.3 Magic evasion
  • Increases critical-hit rate
  • +1.0 Attack
  • +1.5 Accuracy
  • +0.2 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic accuracy
  • +0.1 Critical attack
Durability 7
  • +1.0 Defense

Base stats[]

  • HP: 372
  • MP: 62
  • Attack: 65
  • Defense: 9
  • Evasion: 8
  • Accuracy: 9
  • Magic attack: 22
  • Magic defense: 14
  • Magic evasion: 1
  • Magic accuracy: 1
  • Critical attack: 1

Common builds[]

  • 3 Wis[1][2][3]
  • 2 Wis, 1 Dex to 28 then 1 Agi[2][1]
  • 2 Wis, 1 Pow[2]
  • 2 Wis, alternate 1 Agi, 1 Dex every other level (party)[2]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Wis (solo)[1]
  • 3 Pow (solo)[4][3]
  • 2 Pow, 1 Dex to 28 then pure Pow (solo)[4]


Weapon Proficiency (%)
Abacus 60
Axe 60
Baton 0
Bow 60
Boxing Glove 70
Dagger 70
Fan 50
Musical Instrument 50
Saber 80
Spear 70
Staff 60
Sword 100
Syringe 50
Wand 50

A Fencer is perfectly suited to using swords, and relatively competent with sabers.

A Fencer is competent using spears, daggers, and boxing gloves. Other weapons aren't really suitable for this job.


Active set Elemental Attacks[]

These attacks are close-range, elementally-attributed offensive skills. For a short period after an attack, the weapon used will be imbued with elemental power.

The power of Elemental Attacks is strengthened most by magical attack power, but the Fencer's physical attack attribute also has an effect on the final damage inflicted.

Boundless Falling Leaves Boundless Falling Leaves
Attacks with a wood-enchanted saber. Prevents movement and attack for 3 seconds. Adds weapon wood attribute and attack speed.
Howling Wind Howling Wind
Area attack with a wood-enchanted saber. Stops enemies and adds elemental wood to nearby team members' weapons for 21 seconds.
Raging Torrent Raging Torrent
Attacks with a water-enchanted saber, disabling abilities for 5 seconds. Adds water attribute to the weapon and attack speed.
Crashing Waves Crashing Waves
Area attack with a water-enchanted saber. Adds elemental water attribute to nearby team members' weapons for 21 seconds.
Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder
Attacks with a metal-enchanted saber, preventing attack for 5 seconds. Adds metal attribute to the weapon and attack speed.
Cracking Thunder Cracking Thunder
Area attack with a metal-enchanted saber. Adds elemental metal attribute to nearby team members' weapons for 21 seconds.
Burning Backdraft Burning Backdraft
Attacks with a fire-enchanted saber, stopping movement and magic for 3 seconds. Adds fire attribute to the weapon and attack speed.
Roaring Inferno Roaring Inferno
Area attack with a fire-enchanted saber. Adds elemental fire attribute to nearby team members' weapons for 21 seconds.
Looming Mountain Looming Mountain
Attacks with a earth-enchanted saber, lowering movement and accuracy for 5s. Adds earth attribute to the weapon and attack speed.
Crushing Landslide Crushing Landslide
Area attack with a earth-enchanted saber. Adds elemental earth to nearby team members' weapons for 21 seconds.

Active set Targeted Attacks[]

These attacks incapacitate enemies for long periods. Effects include preventing enemies from moving, using magic, or attacking.

As these skills have a long effect duration, they are suitable for using against bosses. Improving magical accuracy increases the probability of incapacitating enemies.

Stunning Strike Stunning Strike
Hit enemy on the head so they can't use spell and skills for * sec (* sec vs. player, lower HIT). Range: 50.
Crippling Clout Crippling Clout
Hits enemy in the leg joint so they can't move for * sec. (* sec vs. player, lower HIT) Range: 50.
Razzle Dazzle Razzle Dazzle
Dazzle enemy with weapon reflection on attack for next 90 sec, reducing enemy accuracy for 5 sec (2.5 sec vs. player).
Sinister Sword Sinister Sword
Focuses the power of the sword, causing physical damage, affecting the target's sight, and reducing accuracy.
Slap on the Wrist Slap on the Wrist
Targets an enemy's arm, disabling their attacks for 5 seconds. Has a reduced chance of success against other players.
Pressure Point Strike Pressure Point Strike
Strikes a target's pressure points, causing damage and disabling attacks for 9 seconds.
Toughen Magic Toughen Magic
Improves the caster's magical attack for a short period of time.
Offensive Aura Offensive Aura
Uses the force of nature to increase the caster's physical attack and magical attack.
Magic Barrier Magic Barrier
Improves the caster's magical defense for a short period of time.
Defensive Aura Defensive Aura
Uses the force of nature to increase the caster's physical defense and magical defense.

Passive set Fencing Skills[]

Equip Sword Equip Sword
The ability to equip swords.
Sword Mastery Sword Mastery
Allows swords to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.
Lightning Flash Lightning Flash
Reduces time between attacks by 1%. 1/2 effect for non-Fencer occupations.

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