The Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2008 was a game convention in Paris, France, hosted from September 26th to 28th.

A Dream of Mirror Online panel was held in French by the publishers from GameTribe and developers from Softstar to announce upcoming games features as well as games updates for GameTribe. The first part is an overview on the game basic features (e.g. costumes, flying, quests.), the second part about game updates, while the third part are questions by players.

Notes: Dates listed apply for GameTribe, and may not be definitive.

Upcoming game content announcedEdit

  • The marriage system, to be added before Christmas. After completing a quest, the couple can decide which costume to wear for their wedding, as well as its location (there are three choices). Once married, they can gain stats bonuses if they fight together.
  • Pet Evolution 3, which will enable players to mount them, with the exception of the Jade Pet and Love Pet as both have a human form. A new video should eventually be added to the GameTribe's official website.
  • A Bird Pet will be released. It will be able to fight, and can be mountable. Not much information was given at this time.
  • Mount Babel with new quests.
  • Bigbeam City new quests and monsters (56-70).
  • New holiday items to fly on. For Halloween, it's a broom; for Christmas, a Santa's sleigh.
  • Softstar is currently working on nerfing the Witch Doctor class, because it is too strong at the moment. It is expected to be implemented on GameTribe in January or February 2009, although it is possible to be there before Christmas if there are no problem.
  • There should be a French version of Dream of Mirror Online.
  • There will eventually be more costumes to be added, such as glasses (as seen in the video).

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