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The entrance to the Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair is located at X:477 Y:229 on the second floor of Grizzly Garrison, through a red crystal.

Collecting 100 Fiery-Eyed Jimmy Prints will unlock level 69 on one job (see Potential development).



Name Job Level Element
Bandit Thug (Lair) Martial Artist 71 Non-Elemental
Bandit Chef (Lair) Hunter 72 Non-Elemental
Ghost (Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair) Shaman 72 Non-Elemental
Scarlet Spook (Lair) Wizard 73 Non-Elemental
Bandit Head Chef (Lair) Merchant 74 Non-Elemental
Senior Spookizen (Lair) 74 Non-Elemental
Fiery-Eyed Jimmy (Lair) Blademaster 74 Non-Elemental


  • As Jimmy's HP goes down, monsters will spawn, with each wave getting larger than the last.
    • The waves can reach deadly amounts. Make sure there is a dedicated tank that has the means to take multiple hits.
  • Jimmy casts a wide-ranged AoE that gives players a Play Dead status. This means all aggro gets dropped and players cannot attack for the duration.
    • This status can be removed by attempting to move around or using an emote right before the AoE hits. Using some items such as the Revival Point Portal Penny works to get you out of it too.


Each item in the treasure box's slot has a chance of appearing. Slots above 9 require the first 9 slots to be cleared.

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Slot 4:

Slot 5:

Slot 6:

Slot 7:

Slot 8:

Slot 9:

Slot 10: