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NPC Red Crystal
BugBug! Aeria: Certain mobs are not spawning.[1]

The entrance to the Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair is located at X:477 Y:229 on the second floor of Grizzly Garrison, through a red crystal.

Collecting 100 Fiery-Eyed Jimmy Prints will unlock level 69 on one job (see Potential development).




  • As Jimmy's HP goes down, monsters will spawn, with each wave getting larger than the last.
    • The waves can reach deadly amounts. Make sure there is a dedicated tank that has the means to take multiple hits.
  • Jimmy casts a wide-ranged AoE that gives players a Play Dead status. This means all aggro gets dropped and players cannot attack for the duration.
    • This status can be removed by attempting to move around or using an emote right before the AoE hits



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